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Everything you need to know to make the right purchase for the right time

As per information obtained during the 2017 Census, there are approximately 47 million senior citizens living in the United States right now. Many of these people choose not to live in senior care facilities, but, instead, want to remain in their homes for as long as possible. This is usually of critical importance, as it allows them to live out their remaining years with as much dignity as possible and on their own terms.

Unfortunately, memory issues often come into play, which have a way of changing the situation dramatically.

One of the biggest risks to any elderly person with memory issues has to do with wandering away from home and getting lost. Oftentimes, these people will simply leave the house and soon forget where they were going entirely... along with how to get back to where they came from. This is an unfortunately common situation every year, and if you’re looking after an elderly loved one yourself, you no doubt know how stressful it can be.

Thankfully, you can also turn to modern technology to help make things easier on you. GPS trackers for the elderly are valuable additions to any family, and if you’re thinking about buying one yourself, there are a few key things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Buying Senior Tracking Devices: Your Complete Guide

The most important thing for you to understand about all of this is that not all GPS trackers are created equally. Typically, they’re designed for specific use cases — meaning that you’ll want to buy one intended expressly for seniors as opposed to general GPS tracking or even trackers for kids.

GPS trackers for seniors often include advanced features that can not only tell you where your loved one is, but also tell you if he or she has fallen down. This is the type of feature you’re not going to get if you purchase a more broadly designed unit.

Another important feature that you’ll want to look out for has to do with real-time location information that is uploaded to the internet. At any given moment, you should be able to log onto an app or website and see exactly where your parent or grandparent is. If a senior does wander away from home, you’re talking about a situation where literally every second counts. The longer they’re gone, the less likely they are to be recovered without injury — and real-time information can help prevent that from happening.

Finally, you’ll definitely want to invest in a unit that uses geo-fencing and similar location-based features to give you instant alerts if your loved one leaves a specified area. If your parent or grandparent leaves their home for any reason, you can get an email or an SMS text message letting you know as quickly as possible. This will help put you in a better position to stop a small problem now before it becomes a much bigger (and potentially more dangerous) one later.