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GPS Tracking Accessories

  1. M2 Waterproof Magnetic Case for STI_GL300 / GX350 (2 Pack)

    M2 Waterproof Magnetic Case for STI_GL300 / GX350 (2 Pack)

    • Perfect for long-term GPS tracking with the STI_GL300 / GX350 
    • Easily attaches to any vehicle with magnetic mount
    • Covert design keeps device hidden
    • Works with one of the best GPS trackers on the market
    • Water resistant design tracks vehicles in any weather
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    Our Price 49.95

    Retail Price: $79.90

  2. Universal 5V AC Adapter

    Universal 5V AC Adapter

    • 1-port USB wall charger great for charging STI_GL300
    • 1000mA
    • 5V
    • 100-240Vac
    • 0.3A
    In Stock

    Our Price 4.95

    Retail Price: $9.95

GPS Tracking Accessories

Regardless of what you're actually using your GPS for, it will quickly become clear that this is an investment that is more than worth making. Whether you're a fleet manager trying to unlock efficiency and safety improvements for your drivers, are trying to keep a better eye on your young driver, or just want to make sure that you never get lost again, a GPS will practically pay for itself by way of the many different benefits it brings to your life almost immediately.
Having said that, GPS tracking accessories are a great way to extend that investment even further. Not only will you be able to use cases and other items to protect the valuable piece of technology you now hold in your hands, but you'll also be able to enjoy additional features that would be difficult to replicate through other means.

GPS Tracking Accessories: Cases and More

If you're planning on using a GPS tracker with your vehicle and are worried about how it might stand up to the elements, one of the first accessories you should buy comes in the form of a waterproof case. The M2 Waterproof Magnetic Case for the STI_GL300 or GX350, for example, offers a water-resistant design that tracks vehicles in absolutely any weather conditions. By design, it's ready to use with one of the best GPS trackers in the world right out of the box and still sports an innovative covert design to keep your device hidden and out of sight at all times.
Likewise, it easily attaches to any vehicle by way of a sophisticated magnetic mount and is perfect for all of your long-term GPS tracking needs.
Along the same lines, we have the 6 Month Extended Battery + Waterproof Case for the STI_GL300. It offers many of the same features as the case outlined above (including a water-resistant design), but it also includes up to six months of additional battery life to practically rid your life of any charging hassle you were going through.
Another viable option is the Hardwire Kit for the STI_GL300 GPS Tracker, which is another opportunity to guarantee effortless long-term tracking but from a slightly different point of view. Instead of acting as an external battery, this allows you to connect your GPS tracker directly to your car battery for use as a power source. It's designed to install easily in any modern car and will usher in a new era with NO battery replacement hassles to speak of. This is the perfect option for situations where you know you want to use your GPS tracker with only one vehicle and, because of that, don't want to worry about periodically changing the battery or making other adjustments at all. You can just "set it and forget it," with absolutely no fuss.
When buying GPS tracking accessories, it's important to keep in mind that not every item is necessarily designed to work for every GPS on the market. Often, equipment manufacturers make accessories for their specific devices, so always make sure you know your GPS tracker's model number and other technical specifications before you order.