Patients with Alzheimer’s, children, dogs, your car, luggage, and almost anything you can think of – and anything that you value – can be easily tracked with the GPS G-Lock. Parents can easily stash the device in a child’s coat or place it in their backpack.

According to the National Alzheimer’s Association, there are an estimated 5.2 million U.S. residents with Alzheimer’s disease, and more than half of those patients often take random and dangerous walks. Advocates for the elderly and patients with disabilities say there is a large and unmet need for more of services that can help track patients easily. The G-Lock is able to meet these needs and provide security efficiently and quickly.

Similarly, The National Autism Association reports that, 92% of respondents to an online poll last year said their child was at risk of wandering. What better way to ensure someone’s safety than to use a personal tracking device?, a great site with an exuberant skiing community, is actively in pursuit of the next best GPS – and this may just be it. If you’re a skier you have to be concerned about whether or not your GPS will work in gulleys, under tree cover, and if you fall off a glacier – all real and potential dangers when on the slopes.

Wireless & Battery Powered, this GPS Tracker can track continuous for up to 5 days. The G-Lock features a discreet Panic Button built directly into the device that the user can press in case of emergency. Pressing this button will send an instant e-mail or text message alert to a designated person alerting them that there is a problem. Similar tools are trusted by Law Enforcement and executives when traveling with important assets. Now this technology is available to the general public.

Minuscule GPS Tracker Supported By Bolt Server:

The G-Lock GPS Tracker is the most versatile GPS Tracker on the market thanks to its minuscule size and superior service plan. Track the G-Lock in real-time from any computer with Internet – no matter where you are in the world. User friendly design requires no installation or complicated set-up to start tracking today. Below are some of the G-Lock’s specs. Check back soon for more information and specifications regarding service.

• E-mail & Text message Alerts:
o Geofence: upon entry or exit from any user defined zone
o Speed: if user goes over a preset limit
o Low Power
o Motion Detection
• Complete reporting online: speed, direction and battery level, anytime
• Street address level reporting
• Manage an entire fleet or a single unit