Nanny Cams: What you need to know to keep your family safe

The topic of children and family safety is significant in this economy, as parents return to the work force out of necessity and leave households in the care of people that – for all intense purposes – are total strangers to them. Of course, agencies conduct background checks, but we’ve had several instances in the past few months where worried parents have come into the shop and requested nanny cams. We’d like to clarify some of the issues surrounding the use of these devices.

Here are the two main issues:

Issue #1: How do nanny cams work?

There are a host of choices on the market today and as with most technology, our new line of nanny cams have gotten smaller, higher quality and more affordable. Our SleuthGear cameras contain a hidden camera that is totally covert with a built-in DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that will record for hours based on the size of the SD card you choose. These SD cards are the same type of cards used in most digital cameras to record pictures or video. Regardless of the item or style you choose, any of our nanny cam hidden cameras function as normal household items such as clocks, air purifiers, DVD players and more.

Issue #2 : Should we get a nanny cam?

It can be an uncomfortable decision to make, but think about the alternative: if a loved one or family member is not safe, how would you know? Whether you are employing a nanny, babysitter, someone to take care of an elderly parent, or a cleaning service, it is a win, win situation. If you are happy with what you capture on your nanny cam then you can be comfortable your loved one is being taken care of and all is well. If there is an issue with what you have recorded, you can take appropriate action to rectify the situation and put a stop to a potential risk – risk that you would not have been aware of previously. Feel free to call or drop by our shop in New York City.