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I thought it significant to repost this study from the UK, if only to expose the rift between what we – as parents – determine is unacceptable and what we actually tolerate. According to UK Researchers: “A large proportion of today’s youngsters are devoid of “e-morals” and have no scruples about hacking into other peoples’ emails, bank accounts or personal networking profiles.”

I’m not sure this is exactly news, but it does reveal how the internet and technology have changed our perception of everyday life. So many of us are online all the time – for a myriad of reasons – that it has become a commonplace activity; melded into our daily routine and thus, not worth the effort to double check what our children are doing online as well.

A full third of those in the UK poll said they would consider hacking or spying on the internet if they could earn money by doing so. [I’m not sure this sentiment can be relegated only to the “younger” crowd… ] A little more alarming is the fact that 40% of youngsters admitted they had accessed someone else’s online banking or email accounts.

Now here’s the kicker: Researchers determined that parents are setting a poor example for their children, as one in three said they had hacked into someone else’s online accounts! Good grief, if parents are hacking into online accounts, then what on earth do would you expect their kids to be doing?

The survey, which polled 1,000 children and parents across Britain, was undertaken by internet security firm Trend Micro. Company spokesman Rik Ferguson said: “These results come as a stark warning to parents become a lot more familiar with what their kids get up to when online.” – Quite possibly, the understatement of the decade.

And to add salt to the wound, just below the article is an Ad: “Learn Real Hacking Skills”: www.hackerdegree.com. Do you think the Telegraph is concerned with conflict of interests?

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