lipstick on his collar - whoops!

lipstick on his collar - whoops!

Maybe it’s not the most romantic of topics, but it does happen more often that you’d think. Why would anyone want to purchase covert cameras and/or recording devices? Here’s an anonymous compilation of declarations.

1. My wife looks better than usual

What the experts say: Typically, a man or woman having an affair will begin to pay closer attention to their personal appearance. For instance, she may begin working out and dieting to lose weight, or he might start going to the tanning salon and wearing more hip clothing.

2. His daily behavior has changed

What the experts say: Behavior is another way in which you might confirm that something is not quite right. You may notice him getting up and leaving for work earlier, taking an extended lunch, wanting to spend more time with the “boys”, and so on.

3. Why are you spending so much money, honey?

What the experts say: If you notice your husband spending money on frivolous things – like motel rooms on a Wednesday afternoon, it could mean something’s up. Of course, this requires that you regularly go through his pockets and check his wallet for receipts – though we’re NOT advocating this type of activity…

4. Who’s that on the phone, honey?

What the experts say: A cheating spouse will eventually, sneak time on the phone with their “significant other” – while at home with the family. We hear this one all the time. One man was particularly annoyed because of the increase in “wrong numbers” to the house. With most families using cell phones, it’s now easier than ever to plan covert activities without anyone knowing….

5. She’s spending way too much time on the computer …

What the experts say: An excellent way for a cheating wife or hubby to keep in touch with an additional loved one is via computer. We have an equal split of men and women who want to access their spouses’ computer without them knowing. And yes, it is legal to do so. Keep in mind that a lot of people won’t actually admit that they are about to tap into a wife’s computer or a husband’s email. But just like the best players on a stage, you can usually figure out what they’re planning.

For those convinced that a computer is serving as a romantic liason, a device called the Key-Logger can interface between the keyboard and the USB port and will record up to 1 million keystrokes or 2800 pages of text. It captures everything that was typed, including chat rooms, websites visited, e-mails, passwords and usernames. No software is involved and it undetectable. If you really want to confirm your doubts, there are more resources at