Well I have to admit, I’m really an old SLR manual camera buff with a couple of Canon Canonet Q17 GIIIs, a Canon 650 [heavy and durable as a tank], a Yashica FX Super 2000, a Pentax K1000, and a twin lens, Yashica Mat 124 G among various other camera bodies and lenses laying about the apartment – including some beautiful Miranda lenses: I have no idea where the bodies are – but to the point…

I’ve yet to come across what I consider to be the perfect digital camera – the one that would make me shelve all my old, wonderful, heavy, SLRS. However, I may be on the cusp of an evolution…. Endgadget [Endgadget reported that they received a big batch of spy shots days before Nikon made the release official online] reports that Nikon – always poised on the cutting edge of technology, is about to release a low-end Nikon with an articulating display – a Bali-angle LCD, 2.7 inches. At least, I’d be able to see the viewfinder.

The D5000 bridges the gap between its popular D60 and D90 models by offering features like high-definition video capture, 11-point auto-focus, and Live View. Here’s the good part – a reasonable price of $849.

Here’s the pitch, according to Steve B. Heiner, a senior technical manager for Nikon, “The D5000 name is intentionally designed to set the camera apart … It’s not necessarily an entry-level D.S.L.R.— the price is a bit higher, and the features are more advanced. But even the most beginner photographer can use it, and at the same time, it’s also great for an advanced amateur.”

I’ve always applauded Nikon for the backwards compatibility of their lenses, while being true blue to Canon – mostly. The D 5000 just might be the camera to win me over … we’ll see.