redstockings1I find it strange that we live in a technologically advanced society that can catch a government official [former South Carolina county councilman, Tony Trout] in the act of using spyware to scan another county employee’s computer and e-mails, but we allow people to advertise on Craig’s List for all forms of human sexual trafficking – endangering the lives of both women and children, daily.

The Polaris Project, a group against human sexual trafficking, believes Craigslist is now the single largest source of prostitution, including child exploitation, in the country.” Authorities across the country have reported Craigslist’s role in facilitating sex trafficking. “In one such instance, the FBI uncovered a sex ring involving child prostitutes in which the pimps ‘posted over 2,800 advertisements on,’ ” the complaint states.

Boston University student Philip Markoff, 23 was ordered to jail without bail by a Boston municipal judge Tuesday. Markoff replied to two Craigslist ads and as a result, one woman was beaten and robbed and another murdered. If convicted, Markoff could receive anywhere from 5 to fifteen years, plus. Trout faces up to 16 years in prison when sentenced. Has the legal system ever been concerned with equitable punishment?

Our cultural moral shifts when women who make sex their career, become victims of sex crimes. Even though they may be the victims, I’m not convinced our efforts are orchestrated toward protecting them at all costs. If people are allowed to advertise sex for sale on Craigslist, then the invitation to tormented psyches is in the mail and there is little anyone can do to stop them from participating.

Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster countered by stating that, “New screening procedures for erotic ads site had instituted at the site, which reduced the number posted by 80%.” But the continued existence of an “erotic services” category at all, is testament to a continued lack of government intervention or concern. If state and federal government was really intent on stopping these types of solicitations, I guarantee that a law would be in place that prohibits all activity of this type at Craigslist.

Could it be that someone, somewhere, in a very high place, is making money from these Craigslist transactions?

What are your thoughts?