This AC Adapter Hidden Camera by Lawmate comes packaged in a plain white box that fits perfectly the unassuming camera inside. This hidden camera looks like a standard AC Adapter that plugs in the wall and powers electronics device, but it has a hidden lens in the base of the box.

Plug and Play

All you need to get started with it is to plug it into the wall. It comes with a 4gb micro SD card already installed but can take up to a massive 32 gbs in storage space. Once you plug it in the wall, it starts recording based on motion-activation. Motion activation recording means that the camera will only record when there is motion in its sight. This is an extremely useful feature as it saves you from having to review hours and hours of unneeded footage.

You review the footage simply enough like you would with any camera footage by taking out the micro sd card and inserting it in a computer.

Video Quality: Fine

The camera’s video quality is decent enough to find what you are looking for: 640×480 and it performed admirably under low light conditions, but at this price point we would have liked to see higher resolution. With the lights in the room completely off the camera lens doesn’t work too well; maybe they should think about making a night vision model. Because this unit plugs in the wall, the battery life is indefinite meaning you can record as long as you have space left in your SD Card.

Where to plug it in?

When you first receive this unit it’s somewhat difficult to decide where to place it as most plugs are close to the floor. The camera lens gets a pretty wide angle view, but we found that with a power strip we could get the angle we wanted in almost any room.

Overall Concensus: Excellent Hidden Camera but could use better resolution!

This unit is somewhat pricey at $295 but is well built and reliable. It’s made by Lawmate a company in Taiwan that specializes in law enforcement quality surveillance gear. This is of a much higher quality than the usual chinese hidden camera equipment you might find on the internet. Compared to most of the other hidden cameras on the market, this is an excellent device to consider if you need a camera for actual surveillance (it makes an expensive toy). This device comes in two other models, an advanced model ($345) that is programmable and has time and date stamping and a cord camera model ($395) that has the lens in the cord( allowing you to point it in different directions) rather than in the base.

Where to Buy?

AC Adapter Hidden Camera – $295


  • Range of Vision: 60 Degrees 2.8MM Lens (Wide Angle)
  • Storage Space: Up to 32GB
  • Battery Life: AC Power
  • Motion-Activated: Yes
  • Resolution: 640 X 480
  • Set-up Difficulty: No Setup Required – Just Plug it in!
  • Night Vision: Low Light
  • Wireless Capabilities: No
  • Internet Streaming: No
  • Mac Compatible: Yes