Are you sick of dealing with cheaply built Chinese body worn hidden video cameras? Looking for the good stuff, the equipment used by law-enforcement and surveillance professionals? Well then this is the list for you. We’ve compiled an exhaustive index of all the best body worn hidden cameras available on the market to date. None of these are made in China. None of these are cheaply made. And all of these produce crisp HD video (with varying resolution). Most of these are made by Lawmate who is practically the only company making high quality body worn cameras these days. Check it out:

  1. Lawmate HD Video Keychain: This Lawmate device is a great option if you want a hidden camera that looks like a car keychain remote. This is like the standard Chinese made 808 keychain but on steroids. It sports a 4 hour battery life, 1280 x 960 HD Video & Audio and has a rugged build (like most devices built by Lawmate). Expandable memory to 32GB. It is also available in a WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) model. $245 for the basic model,  $345 with the WDR.
  2. DOD 8GB Pro-Grade Video Pen: By far the best video pen we’ve ever used and that’s saying a lot. This device is made by DOD, a small company in Taiwan that doesn’t seem to make much more than this pen and some car cameras. This pen is sleek and thin has a battery life of about 1 hour and most importantly has excellent 720P video and build quality. Includes 8GB internal memory. $119.95.
  3. Lawmate HD Button Cam w/ WDR: The absolute best button camera on the market does not come cheap. This has 1280 x 960 HD video with WDR functionality. The button camera requires a Lawmate HD DVR to power and to record from. These have HDMI outs which could come in handy and is a rare feature with body worn hidden cameras. $199.50 for the camera and the Lawmate HD DVRs start at $395.
  4. Lawmate Cellphone DVR /w HD Hidden Camera: Lawmate’s newest invention is an update of their pv900 cell phone camera. What looks like a standard smart phone (more android-esque in appearance than iphone) is actually a 720P HD hidden camera plus a Lawmate DVR rolled into one unit. This device is loaded with cool features. It has motion-activation, HDMI out, zoom capabilities and you can watch the video straight from the unit screen. Plus the fact that it is an excellent DVR. $369
  5. Inventio-HD 720P Video Sunglasses: This is Spy Tec’s first foray into product design, so we apologize if we seem a little biased here. These sunglasses have 720P, image stabilization and excellent audio quality. The only issue one might have with these is that since we designed them as an action camera and not a hidden camera, the lens is somewhat prominent. They include 8GB class 10 internal memory. $149.95.
  6. Lawmate Pro-Grade Mini HD Camera: While not technically a hidden camera, this device is quite small and really just a fun little gadget. It includes all manners of mounts and clips (for wearing) and has excellent 1280 x 960 HD video quality. This camera has an extremely short battery life at only 45 minutes which makes perfect sense at this size.  $169.00