Parents may find it difficult to keep up with and keep track of their children. As our society becomes more advanced with technology and in structure and children venture out to experience new things, at some point or another parents start to worry. It’s in their nature to do so.

Children often adapt to their surroundings much quicker than parents do. This comes as no surprise since this is the environment in which they were brought up. They are familiar with the constant change and tend to embrace it. Parents on the other hand find it more difficult to adapt to these changes and regularities that society continuously offers since their upbringings were different and their environments were slower to change. Although parents may find it difficult to adjust and keep up with their children, one particular area they adapt to fairly well is the way they monitor their children and their activities. This increase in parental guidance and security has surfaced at least three notable growing trends of child surveillance.

Video Monitoring

It started with baby monitors, but slowly transitioned into video monitors. Parents felt the need to not only hear their baby or toddler, but to see them, as well. This makes sense and it never hurts to be protective (or what some may see as overprotective), at least not at this point in the child’s life.

Video monitoring provides many benefits for parents and for the health and well-being of their child. Watching their child while away from home (when there’s a babysitter present of course) or while in the next room gives parents the peace of mind they’re looking for because it keeps them informed of the current condition of their child.

What benefits does video monitoring provide over audio monitoring?

Sometimes audio monitoring isn’t enough for parents and there are good reasons for them to want more than just to hear their child crying in the middle of the night.

  • Seeing Is Believing: Video provides additional peace of mind for parents. It calms them to know just what their child is doing. Seeing a child at ease puts the parents at ease. It’s that simple.
  • Audio Doesn’t Give All the Answers: Audio monitoring doesn’t inform parents of all that is occurring. For instance, what if their child stops breathing? Unless the baby snores or wheezes when it sleeps, chances are the parents won’t know.

Online Activity

The internet’s overall purpose is great. It provides tons of free, useful information and enhances the way people communicate and make exchanges. Much like the real world, the virtual world requires many methods of security and safety. Who knows where people will end up or what viruses they’ll catch?

Parents worry about what their child is exposed to and what activities they participate in. With certain computer software, parents can monitor their child’s online activities. Some software includes screen shots and keystroke logging. This is particularly beneficial since some children may try going “incognito” with their web browsers in an attempt to elude any evidence of what they view online.

When children venture out to unsafe places on the internet, they may expose the computer to certain malware or viruses, which is why not only having a computer monitoring software is important, but anti-virus protection software, as well. (See bottom of page for a list of computer software and anti-virus protection options.)

From children’s perspective, it’s also fair to give them the benefit of the doubt. The internet can be deceiving and they may unintentionally go somewhere they shouldn’t, which is why the computer monitoring software comes in handy.

Mobile Apps

Smart phones are a technology that any child or parent can agree on utilizing. Some of the best features smart phones have are the apps they provide. Children love apps because it allows them to change with society easier and quicker so they can progress alongside or further advance that change. Parents love apps because it communicates complicated things and tasks in a simple way. It smoothens the way for them to understand their constantly changing society.

Innovators vs. Followers

Children are typically the innovators, or will be, of a society because they’re the most techno-savvy, whereas parents are typically the followers and oftentimes the laggards in a society because they’re not used to the quick growth.

Child Surveillance Apps

Nonetheless, parents adapt, too, some more than others. They take advantage of certain apps that will allow them to monitor their children. They might not be able to keep up with the continuous changes of society and the environment around them, but they can certainly keep up with their children.

Some apps inform parents of their child’s online activities and how fast their child drives or stream live video to a mobile device to view their child’s current activity. Better yet, some apps give parents an assortment of information all on one mobile platform app, giving them greater convenience when monitoring their child’s activities.

Here’s a list of computer software and mobile apps, including ratings, which assist parents in monitoring their children’s online activities, allowing them to explore safely online and following other online and offline activities. Whether it’s video monitoring, online monitoring or utilizing mobile apps to perform various kinds of monitoring, parents are now able to keep up with their children online and offline.

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