Home security is important to all of us. To that end, people are investing more than ever before in alarm systems, CCTV, and even mobile apps that allow us to keep an eye on things while we are away, be that at work for the day, on an extended business trip, or a vacation to some far flung corner of the globe.

Although it is sometimes good, perhaps even the objective when we take a vacation, to forget about what is going on at home, it can be difficult to do so when you have invested a lot of money into buying and decorating it as you want, not to mention embellishing the interior with some great appliances.
What are the steps you can take to ensure you keep your home safe, and even keep an eye on it yourself, while you are travelling abroad?

Talk to the Alarm Company

This is the easiest way to ensure your home is safe, and you will be able to keep updated without actually looking at your home ‘in the flesh.’

Simply speak to your alarm monitoring company – if you do not have round the clock monitoring, it is worth upgrading, even for a short time – and inform them you will not be home for a specified amount of time. This will mean they can immediately investigate any unexpected activations and send the relevant authorities to your home.

If you are travelling away and leaving older children or an elderly relative at home, you can arrange for them to send a text message or email summarizing activity, so you know when people have got home or left the house, for example. Some alarm companies will even call a specified person to check they are okay, so say you have a daughter who works evenings and you normally collect her from work, and she is expected to be home at 10pm, if she is not, the company can call her to check she is okay.

Use Dropcam or a Similar Product

Dropcam is one of the leading products and applications when it comes to home security, but there are many similar ones on the market should you wish to explore the possibilities. Dropcam is a two-part surveillance tool.

First, you set the camera up wherever you want to in the house. There is a motion-activated option, so it is perfect for travelling abroad when you are not home to change the batteries. Second, you can view video footage on your smartphone or tablet device as you get the footage via cloud technology. There are options for downloading footage as you wish, or receiving an alert whenever there is activity.

Dropcam actually works great as a ‘do not have any parties’ prevention tool should you be leaving teenagers at home, but is equally good for simply ‘dropping in’ and putting your mind at rest.

Go 100% Covert

You can buy all manner of  hidden camera products, ranging from clocks to plug sockets and fire alarms. If you are planning on covert home surveillance, then it is best to buy, install, and test the use of these a long time before you take your trip, and even use them for everyday checkups. If you do not want video, you can get the same products purely for sound surveillance, too, while some at the top of the market may provide both.

Put your mind at rest when you travel, and use these ideas to make your home as secure as you need it to be.

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