Here at Spy Tec, we are always thinking of new ways to better serve and inform our customers, and the security community as a whole. With that in mind, we have reestablished our blogging efforts in an attempt to communicate important and engaging news  and stories that appeal to those who frequent our site and business. In an attempt to keep our audience ever informed, we have renewed our focus on the latest in industry news, tech breakthroughs, and the products that have drawn our interest and will certainly command yours. The roundup of this week’s top news is sure to grab your attention as much as it did ours:

1. US Cyber-crime Laws Being Used to Target Security Researchers

An interesting take from the Guardian on why U.S. cyber crime laws and the regulators that enforce them, are counter-intuitively weakening the security of the internet.

2. The Secrets of Surveillance

An introspective piece in Pursuit Mag, featuring one PIs take on the most important features of good surveillance.

3. 7 Tools and Recommendations for Social Media Investigations

A great summary of some tools and recommendations you can use to leverage social media in your investigations.

4. Most Americans Are Doing Nothing to Protect Their Privacy

Every week it seems like another corporations has sprung some a data leak, but as this article explains, the American public isn’t doing much to protect its online security either.

5. Google’s Right to be Forgotten

A first take at how Google is responding to the European Union court ruling that it must provide an option to delete personal data.

6. NASA Uses Smart Sandals to Stop Astronauts Exercise Cheating

It goes to show you that even astronauts, like the rest of us, may occasionally exaggerate their exercise habits.