Another Friday, another roundup. Here it is, our newest, freshest roundup yet.

1. Police Need A Warrant for Cell Phone Searches

In a landmark decision,  protection for cell phone searches have been expanded. The Supreme Court has determined that the police need a search warrant to go through the cell phone of someone that has been arrested.

2. Now the Police Are Hacking Us Too?

A look into how law enforcement has expanded it’s use of hacking phones and computers.

3. US Government Releases It’s First Transparency Report

A not-quite illuminating look at what the NSA has been up to in 2013.

4. US House Overwhelmingly Votes to Cut NSA Funding

In a strong show against the NSA’s application of past funding, the House of Representatives has voted to cut the agencys generous budget.

5. Popular Websites’ Password Policies Leave Consumers Exposed

A look into the why popular websites password policies are invitations for online fraud.

6. Study: 14 Percent of Debit Cards Exposed by Breaches in 2013

Even with all the recent media attention to data breaches it is still somewhat of a shock that a new study estimates that 14% of U.S. debit cards were exposed to data breaches in 2013.

7. Android Wear brings Google to life

Do you really need or want wearable Android in your life? I’ll leave that answer up to you.

8.  Israel Is Building a Futuristic Transit System of Magnetic Pod

It may not fall in line with what we generally post, but honestly, is this not the coolest thing you have heard about all week?