Because so many different options are available, choosing the right dash camera to fit your needs can quickly feel overwhelming. Dash cameras need to be able to do more than just record video – they have to be built from the ground up with surveillance in mind. You don’t just need an option that will record – you need to rest easy knowing you’ll never miss anything important ever again.

To that end, the recently updated A119 Dash Camera includes a wide range of best-in-class features that truly make it the unit to beat in terms of performance, flexibility and user friendliness.

Breaking Down the A119 Dash Camera

The A119 Dash Camera is by far one of the best cameras of its type on the market today, particularly when you consider what you get for something at this price point. The unit features two resolution options for you to choose from depending on your needs – 1440p at 30fps (which is actually higher than traditional HD) and 1080p at 60fps.

Capable of recording both video and audio, the A119 Dash Camera is perfect for forward-facing surveillance. The compact, sleek and covert design helps keep the camera hidden and the unit can withstand extreme temperatures thanks to the on-board OV4689 capacitor.

Loop recording guarantees that you’ll never miss an important event and the fact that the A119 Dash Camera automatically turns itself on and off means you can “set it and forget it.” The wide angle lens not only offers superior visibility directly in front of the car but also to the far left and far right, allowing you to see things AROUND your subject as well.

Never Miss an Important Moment Again

What truly separates the A119 Dash Camera from so many other units at this price point (along with previous generations of the same unit) are the number of additional features included that guarantee you’ll never miss capturing an important event ever again.

The A119 Dash Camera includes a stunning G-sensor that automatically captures impact events. The moments immediately before, during and after a crash can be a stressful one. Now, you’ll have one less thing to worry about because you can guarantee your A119 captured everything you’ll need to find out exactly what happened.

The A119 Dash Camera also supports memory cards that are up to 64GB in size, allowing you to store up to seven hours of stunning high definition video.

Included in the packaging is everything you’ll need to get the A119 Dash Camera up and running in just a few short moments of your time. You get an adhesive mount, a dual USB car power adapter, five mounting clips, a detaching string for the adhesive mount and additional adhesive pads for you to use to set things up exactly how you want them.

If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art surveillance option that allows you to rest easy knowing that all of your recording needs are being taken care of, you’d be hard pressed to find an option more valuable than the updated A119 Dash Camera.