The next time you feel like insurance fraud is a big problem in the United States, just be thankful that you don’t live in Russia. The problem has grown so severe that federal executive authorities, lawmakers and even insurance companies themselves will all meet in Moscow in November (at a Holiday Inn, of all places) to discuss what can be done about this epidemic moving forward.

Thankfully, citizens in Russia have begun to take matters into their own hands. Drivers aren’t taking the possibility of a completely frivolous lawsuit or insurance claim laying down and they’ve turned to modern technology to help them navigate this issue to its safest possible conclusion. Russian drivers are relying on dash cameras more and more to avoid these types of situations and others.

Russian Insurance Fraud in Action

To get a better understanding of just how pressing this insurance fraud issue is in Russia, take a look at this YouTube compilation of some of the biggest “insurance fraud fails” of 2014.

Though the specifics of each incident may change, the larger goal remains the same. Sometimes the car ahead of a driver will stop and pretend that they’ve been rear-ended. Other times pedestrians will literally jump onto the ground in front of a car, insisting that they were struck.

It may be brazen, but it’s also been incredibly effective on behalf of the fraudsters – until recently that is.

The Power of Dash Camera Cultures

Over the last several years, Russians have used dash cameras to protect themselves from a wide range of different incidents. When insurance fraud, hit-and-run accidents and even road rage are daily occurrences, having live, high definition footage of what is going on in front of your car can certainly come in handy more often than it doesn’t.

Also, keep in mind that in Russia most car owners are only required to have basic liability coverage. So if someone says that you hit them with your car and tries to sue, they’re coming after your personal assets. Likewise, if you are the victim of a hit-and-run, without clear photographic evidence the court system isn’t likely to be much help. In that way, having a dash camera protects you in a host of different situations that are far too costly to ignore.

The right dash camera can continuously record all activity in a car from the moment you turn on the engine, allowing drivers to “set it and forget it” on their commute. If the dash cam doesn’t actually catch anything valuable, it can just record over old footage so it never misses a beat. Loop recording, always-on functionality, and even GPS all come in handy when it comes to proving that you didn’t actually strike a motorist on your way to work one morning.

When you consider that insurance fraud claims can easily amount to thousands of dollars for an innocent driver, a $300 or less gadget certainly sounds like a worthy investment to make. To say nothing of the money you’ll save by getting the person who actually DID hit your car to pay up.

It’s important to note that insurance fraud isn’t the only thing Russian drivers are concerned with – according to a study reported on by Wired, they’re legitimately accident prone as well. There were 35,972 road deaths in Russia in 2007, coming out to an average of 25.2 fatalities for every 100,000 citizens. The United States, on the other hand, had 13.9 fatalities per 100,000 people during the same period of time. So Russian dash cams don’t just prevent insurance fraud – they’re also helping to save lives.