When it comes to damage to your car, depending on where you live your biggest concern may NOT be the carelessness of other drivers on the road. If you live in a big city and park on the street, your number one priority may be what’s happening AFTER you’ve parked and gone inside for the night.

Car break-ins, along with other types of damage and harassment, can happen anywhere – but that doesn’t mean you have to take them laying down. Your car is an investment and just like any other, you need to take steps to protect it at all costs. If you suspect that your car is being tampered with while you’re not around, there are a few key steps you can take to stop this activity in its tracks as soon as possible.

Technology: Your Biggest Ally

If you do suspect that your car is being damaged or harassed when it’s parked, a traditional dash camera may not be enough to give you the information you need. Many dash cameras are designed to be used while driving, as they give you a crystal clear view of what is going on in FRONT of your vehicle – namely in relation to other drivers. If your car is parked on the street, damage can come from any angle – creating certain blind spots that would be problematic.

Certain types of dash cams, however, WILL be inherently valuable in these situations because of the advanced functionality they offer. The G1W-CB 1080P HD Car Dash Cam, for example, includes a G-sensor feature that detects impacts from the moment they occur. Even if your car is parked and the camera isn’t on, the G-sensor will automatically detect ANY impact (even if someone only kicks your car and another vehicle is not involved), allowing it to document important events automatically.

Along the same lines, the K1S 1080P Dual Car Dash Camera with GPS will also be hugely valuable in your time of need. It includes the same G-sensor technology that allows it to automatically capture impact events, even when the car is parked. The K1S is a dual camera system, however, allowing you to install two wide angle lenses on your vehicle – one in the front and one in the back. Regardless of where your damage occurs or how it is initiated, the unit will be able to capture everything in stunning detail for up to six hours with a 64GB memory card.

Additionally, the K1S features loop recording that, when paired with the fact that it automatically turns on and off, will allow you to keep an eye on your car all night long. You’ll never have to worry about missing even a second of important actions ever again.

What to Do Next

Once you’ve collected the necessary visual information, never try to handle the situation by yourself. If your neighbor parks a little too close to your car and dents the fender, that’s one thing – if someone breaks into your car with the intention of stealing from you, that’s something else entirely. Always take your dash cam footage to the proper authorities and file a police report so you can document everything as accurately as you can. This will be especially helpful if you need to escalate things to a court of law in the future.

These are just a few of the key steps that you can take when your car is being damaged or harassed when it’s parked to help stop this from happening. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, it’s now easier than ever not only to confirm your suspicions – but also to stop it from happening and hold the guilty parties responsible at the same time.