So much is written about how hidden cameras can be excellent tools for surveillance and protection that people forget about another important purpose they have – practical jokes! Check out these 10 hilarious hidden camera practical joke videos to get a few interesting ideas on how you can be using your equipment for more than just keeping an eye on your home while you’re not around.

  1. The Serial Killer

This hidden camera practical joke is a bit of a morbid one, but it’s hysterical nonetheless. What would you do if you were sitting in a waiting room and discovered that a serial killer was sitting right next to you? If you go by these people, the answer might be surprising.

  1. The Magnetic Box

Have you ever been walking along the street, saw something on the ground and bent over to pick it up? That’s a common situation that these people find themselves in, but because what they’re trying to pick up is really a magnetic box on a metallic sheet, the results aren’t quite what you might be expecting.

  1. Celebrities Are Practical Jokers, Too!

Even celebrities love getting in on the fun of a good hidden camera prank, as this compilation of the nine best star studded pranks goes a long way toward proving!

  1. The Orchestra and the Shower Scene

The scariest part of the infamous “Psycho” shower scene isn’t the stabbing, which isn’t even on camera. It’s the orchestra – as this brilliant hidden camera prank so eloquently proves.

  1. The Babysitter

Picking a babysitter is something you should always do with a certain degree of caution. After this hilarious hidden camera practical joke, babysitters everywhere will be picking their CLIENTS with that same caution!

  1. Just a Normal Afternoon Walk

What would you do if you were out for a walk one afternoon and found that all 100 people in the area suddenly dropped to the ground? Would you freak out and assume something was wrong, or would you immediately suspect that you were the victim of a hidden camera prank show? Watch this video from Japan to find out how real people reacted in that exact same situation!

  1. The Sniper Prank

Speaking of Japanese pranks, that’s one country that definitely loves their prank shows. However, they’ve been known to take things a little bit too far – as this terrifying sniper prank proves very, very easily. Your honor, we call this video “Exhibit A.”

  1. The Elevator of Horror

If you thought the sniper prank was scary, just wait until you see another terrifying example of how hidden camera pranks can quickly get out of hand – also called “Exhibit B.” We’ve got to hand it to this entertainment show out of Brazil – they may have pulled off the scariest hidden camera practical joke of all time!

  1. The Snake

And now, for something a little bit on the lighter side – but just as scary depending on how you feel about snakes. Anyone who has a friend with a snake knows that they always dread stopping by for a visit, because what happens if the snake happens to get out of its cage? If it did, you’d probably react a little something like the people in this hilarious video!

  1. Not All Hidden Camera Pranks Are Successful

Finally, something a little different. Remember when it comes to a hidden camera prank, it’s all in the execution. You won’t be 100% successful, as the unfortunate prankster in this video learned all too quickly (and painfully).