Nobody ever wants to think that their life may not be as private as they’d previously assumed, but thanks to modern technology this is one concern that is very real and very important. Surveillance devices are only getting smaller, more discrete, more powerful and more affordable. If someone wants to put a bug in your home or in your office to keep an eye on you in your most private of moments, it’s never been easier to do so at any point in human history.

Luckily, technology can ALSO help make sure this type of activity isn’t going on in the first place. If you think your home or office is bugged, there are a number of things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Look for the Signs

If you really do think that you’re being spied on, start by looking for some of the most obvious signs. Look for new additions to a room in your home or office, for example, that either you didn’t put there or have no business being there. Remember that a “nanny cam” isn’t hidden exclusively in a teddy bear like the old cliche tells us – they can be in everything from a wall clock to the head of a pen to a pair of sunglasses.

Start by examining the items in a room and looking for signs of consumer-grade surveillance equipment. Also, think about where in a room you would have to place such an item to get valuable audio and video footage. If you’re worried about someone watching you at your desk, think about where a camera would have to go in the room to make that possible.

Putting Technology to Work For You

Luckily, if you DO find yourself in a situation where you think your home or office may be bugged, you can use the same type of technology that you fear to turn the tables on your would-be observer. The Lawmate RD-10 RF and Camera Detector, for example, is one of the most popular counter-surveillance units available on the market today. It’s a law enforcement grade RF detector that uses the same RF technology that many surveillance devices use to actually detect active monitoring in a particular area.

The unit quickly scans a room for “bugs” that are broadcasting at frequencies from 20 MHz to 6 GHz, allowing it to sensitively and discreetly find the vast majority of “spy” devices sold today. It also allows users to instantly detect hidden spy cameras and includes digital and Wi-Fi signal detection and monitoring functionality.

Another area of your life that is particularly vulnerable to surveillance is also, unfortunately, one of the most important: your cell phone. Something like an iPhone is simultaneously the most technologically advanced device that a person owns – and the most intimate. If someone were able to successfully monitor the calls you make, they could potentially learn your deepest, darkest secrets – all without you realizing that something was wrong in the first place.

If you do believe that your cell phone activity may be monitored, a device like the VoiceKeeper FSM-U1 Cell Scrambler can help put a stop to this immediately. This professional-grade cell phone scrambler works with any cell phone and offers the highest grade encryption available on the market today for these devices. Designed specifically to prevent wiretapping, it uses the same encryption technology used by the government, the military and law enforcement to help keep your conversations as private as possible.

While the cell phone scrambler does require a separate unit for each person, it is particularly valuable if you’re worried about calls to certain individuals being monitored. If you want to make sure that nobody can ever listen in on calls between you and your spouse, the VoiceKeeper can help prevent that from happening.