Many people don’t realize that when it comes to jewelry companies, one of the biggest costs that businesses face have nothing to do with producing the items themselves – instead, it’s the massive cost associated with safely and securely getting them into the hands of customers all over the world. Transportation costs are massive, particularly when you consider the value of the items being transported. To this end, jewelry companies have successfully leveraged modern technology in a variety of ways to help make sure not only that everything goes smoothly, but to also make sure that the cost of their goods versus the cost to transport still allows them to remain competitive.

Transporting Jewels: A Logistical Enterprise

There is an entire industry devoted to helping jewelry companies transport their jewels as safely, as securely and as cost-effectively as possible. Point2Point Global Security Inc., for example, offers a wide range of different services including:


  • Off-duty police officers to watch shipments wherever they go.
  • Secured transport, both on the ground and in the air, to make sure that no items are tampered with or stolen in transit.
  • Armed delivery of products to private residences, as well as armed escort for sales people who may be traveling with expensive merchandise.

Transporting jewels is quite different from a normal retail shipment process. Things go a great deal deeper than just moving merchandise from a factory to a retail environment and into the hands of customers. An almost unprecedented level of visibility is necessary at every step of the way. Nearly every jewelry item passes through an incredible number of hands before it arrives in a store – from dealers to grading institutes to wholesalers and polishers and beyond. Losing track of something at any one of those points could create a nightmare of liability for everyone before and after.

Think about the last time you went to a jewelry showcase at something like a hotel or other public event – there are systems in place that are constantly informing businesses where those items are, how they got there, how long they’ve stayed and so much more.

The Power of Modern Technology

To that end, jewelry companies use a wide range of state-of-the-art tools to help keep a watchful eye over their products, especially in transit. GPS-equipped security vehicles are constantly visible via an Internet connection. But this involves a lot more than just being able to log into a website and see exactly where a truck is, although that itself is very important.

The log of data that GPS and other asset protection devices create also helps keep transportation as secure as possible. If an item goes missing, business representatives can see its entire history up to that point. If a truck stopped when it wasn’t supposed to, they can see exactly where that happened. They can see exactly how long the truck was “off route.” They can see precisely who was driving that truck, who they were interacting with and more.

The biggest benefit is that by investing in the security of their jewels, they’re able to make sure items get where they’re supposed to as inexpensively as possible. However, taking complete control over the supply chain also brings with it the equally important benefit of a stronger reputation. Every company responsible for a piece of jewelry at some point during its lifecycle should absolutely embrace these types of tracking methods, as if a problem DOES occur they have concrete, actionable and analytical proof that they weren’t responsible. This only strengthens their reputation in an industry where this is maybe the most important quality of a business moving forward.