If you think that there will NEVER be a situation where a dash cam might come in handy, you might want to think again. The roads in the United States are dangerous, but it isn’t always just other motorists you have to concern yourself with. Watch these top ten shocking dash camera videos involving law enforcement and then reconsider whether or not you run out and purchase one of the devices to call your own.

  1. The Great New Jersey Chase of 2015

Marvel at this police dash camera footage from New Jersey, as officers are led on a wild chase that spans not one, not two, but THREE major highways in the area!

  1. You Never Can Be Too Careful

Police see horrific and shocking car crashes every day, as this compilation of police dash cam crashes goes a long way towards proving. Watch as cars hit trains, trucks, SUVs and almost the cops themselves!

  1. Lubbock County, Texas

They say that everything is bigger in Texas. Judging by this YouTube video, everything is longer, too – at least as far as their police chases are concerned. This one clocks in at just over 20 minutes!

  1. The Kansas Chase

Police chases aren’t always like you see in the movies – sometimes they don’t touch highways at all. Sometimes they take place in residential neighborhoods, as terrifying as that may be. Such was the case with this pursuit that took place in May of 2016 in a small town in Kansas.

  1. The Fast and The Furious

This is one dash cam video that really has it all. Not only do you get the immediate aftermath of a bank robbery, but you also get a 100+ mile per hour high-speed chase that rockets through Kenosha and Racine counties in Wisconsin. This is one that you’re just going to have to see to believe.

  1. The Shootout

If police cruisers weren’t equipped with dash cameras, we wouldn’t have this shocking footage of a Chicago PD shootout with a carjacking suspect. Let this serve as a lesson to all would-be carjackers everywhere – the Chicago police department doesn’t take things like this lying down.

  1. Take to the Skies

So many people talk about how law enforcement cruisers have dash cameras, it’s easy to forget that other types of vehicles have them, too. Police helicopters ALSO have “dash” cameras in the United States, as evidenced by this incredible footage of some local law enforcement officers taking down a suspect on the side of the road.

  1. Raw Video

Many people don’t realize that when police dash cam footage shows up on the news, it’s often heavily edited. Police dash cams record all day long so that they can be ready when those few moments of action really do take place. Such is the case with this raw video of a police chase that ended in spectacular fashion in Jackson, Mississippi. Be sure to stick around for the shocking conclusion – it’s one that you won’t want to miss.

  1. Miami Police Shootout

Many times, police dash cam footage actually can look like something that you would see in the latest Hollywood action blockbuster – which is something that this police dash cam footage of a Miami police shootout goes a long way towards underlining.

  1. A Crash At the Border (Patrol Van)

Finally, we have this brief encounter between a United States border patrol van and another vehicle, caught on camera for everyone to see. This is one border patrol van driver who probably didn’t expect to find himself in this type of situation when he woke up that morning, that’s for sure! Just wait until you see what happens at the very end – you’ll want to watch it again and again!