Surveillance technology has advanced to the point where it’s now easier than ever to keep a watchful eye on someone without their knowledge. Even going beyond how easy it is to buy and obtain hidden cameras (or to build your own), devices that capture audio, video and even information from a smartphone are now among the most affordable electronics purchase you can make. As a result, counter surveillance has become a huge industry for the privacy-minded individuals out there and is expected to remain so moving forward.
However, your ability to elude detection is no longer limited to just buying a device that identifies hidden cameras or that cancels out wireless signals. Counter surveillance clothing has become incredibly popular recently thanks to the way it blends confidentiality and fashion into one very attractive package.

The Stealth Wear Collection

One prominent example of counter-surveillance clothing in action is the Stealth Wear Collection, designed by privacy crusader Adam Harvey in association with renowned fashion designer Johanna Bloomfield. Every item in the collection starts with a problem that needs to be solved — in this case, a specific type of surveillance technology that must be countered. The principles of counter surveillance and fashion are then built upon from there, offering items that both allow someone to avoid detection AND to look great while they’re doing it.
One of the main items in the collection is the anti-drone hood and anti-drone scarf combination, both of which are made from a special type of material designed to reduce the thermal profile of the person wearing it. Drones and similar types of devices use thermal imaging to detect human body temperature, even in total darkness, making people easily seen from above without their knowledge. The anti-drone hood and scarf are both designed to essentially create a “false” IR recognition pattern by reflecting a temperature outward that is very different from that of the human body’s normal heat signature.

In essence, wearing these items makes someone completely invisible to these types of unmanned aerial vehicles.
Unfortunately, IR technology is not the only type of surveillance technology one must concern themselves with. X-ray radiation can also be used against someone, which is another issue that the Stealth Wear Collection was built to solve. The collection’s XX-shirt shields the most fragile parts of the human body — namely the heart and torso — from all X-ray radiation that may be in the area.

As stated, cell phone tracking has also become a popular way for people to monitor someone without their knowledge. Whether a person is observing all activity on a phone (like texts or calls) or is using the GPS functionality of the phone to track a person’s whereabouts, this is incredibly common and has been for several years. The Stealth Wear Collection also includes an anti-phone tracking accessory called the Off Pocket, which is designed to allow users to completely cancel out any and all signals coming into or going out of the phone whenever they want.
Essentially, if a person is worried that their cell phone is being monitored, all they need to do is put the phone into the Off Pocket accessory and those fears will be completely eliminated.
It’s important to note that all of the items in the Stealth Wear Collection are still in the experimentation stages, and adjustments will continue to be made before they become available for general use and for purchase.

These are just a few of the prominent examples of counter surveillance clothing options available on the market today. One thing is clear — as the technology used to monitor people continues to advance, privacy advocates and people concerned for the confidentiality of their daily lives will always rise to the challenge and come up with solutions as a response. This is absolutely one trend that is worth keeping a watchful eye on.