One of the most exciting elements of every spy movie isn’t necessarily the surveillance that is constantly going on, but rather the state-of-the-art gadgets used by the main character to conduct that surveillance in the first place. James Bond has had an endless number of advanced gadgets over the years, and even Batman has his utility belt filled with everything from trackers to audio recorders. You may be surprised to learn that not all of these devices are science fiction — thanks to the break-neck pace at which technology has evolved, many of them have become science FACT.

Here is a list of six spy gadgets that may feel like they were ripped straight from a Hollywood feature film but that are available for you to buy right now.


Clear HD Video Glasses w/ 8GB Internal Memory

If these eyeglasses with an HD video recorder inside look familiar, it’s probably because one of the main characters uses something very similar in the film “Kingsman: The Secret Service.” The camera lens is hidden in the bridge of the glasses, making them perfect for discrete face-to-face recording. They can capture faces very clearly from across a room thanks to a 720p HD resolution and even have 90 full minutes of battery life.


HD Spy Watch with Night Vision

James Bond regularly uses spy watches throughout his daily life, though most of those have lasers hidden inside. Though the HD Spy Watch with Night Vision won’t let you break into a safe, it WILL allow you to capture crystal clear, 1080p HD video even in total darkness. It stores one hour of HD video with no memory card, has a two-hour battery life and is even water resistant — allowing it to record in a wide range of conditions.


Paraben iPhone iRecovery Stick

On the TV show “Breaking Bad,” Walter White once used a simple USB device to monitor his DEA-agent brother’s investigations of his criminal empire. Sounds like a plot device, right? Wrong. You can essentially do the same thing right now with the Paraben iPhone iRecovery Stick. This spy device recovers ALL deleted data from iOS devices like iPhones and iPads and can even help restore lost voicemails, social media messages and more in a way that won’t leave a trace.


Executive Digital Audio Recording Pen – MQ72

On the recent HBO show “Vice Principals,” one of the main characters uses a spy pen to record the illicit activities of their boss with the intention of later using that data for blackmail. It becomes a pretty significant plot device, but what you may not realize is that similar pens exist in real life right now. The Executive Digital Audio Recording Pen captures crystal clear audio, even across a large room. It’s voice activated, stores 16 hours of audio and features an astounding 12-hour battery life.

720p HD Wi-Fi IP Light Bulb Camera

Just about every room you walk into has a light bulb in it, but what you may not realize is that every room may ALSO have a camera as well. The 720p HD Wi-Fi IP Light Bulb Camera doesn’t just include 720p HD video recording capabilities, but it can also live stream video to a phone or tablet for covert surveillance. This is exactly the type of thing that a movie spy would use to get a leg up on the international terrorist he was trying to bring down once and for all.

Xtremelife Smoke Detector Camera with 30 Day Battery Vision

Finally, we have the Xtremelife Smoke Detector Camera — a motion activated camera that records astounding 720p quality video, even in total darkness. It features a 30-day battery life and can store up to 19 hours of HD video with a 64GB memory card. Q from MI-6 was great at hiding cameras and other surveillance equipment in everyday items, so we’re honestly a little surprised that he didn’t come up with this one first!