Thanks to advancements in the underlying technology at play, hidden cameras have become a topic of significant discussion in the last few years. Decades ago, hidden cameras were essentially something only for the wealthy and government officials. Now, with just a few hundred dollars, anyone can purchase a device that records crystal clear audio and video in full high definition, catching everything from a negligent nanny to an employee who is stealing from their job in the act.


This has obviously raised privacy concerns, as it should – this is an incredibly important topic. However, one of the issues that often goes overlooked is all the good that hidden cameras do BEYOND simple surveillance in your personal and professional life. Many groups are using hidden cameras all over the world, allowing them to shed light on the secret dangers that lurk in some of the most menacing places that exist across the globe.

Hidden Cameras and Videre

One organization that is paving the way with regards to using hidden cameras in a positive way is Videre. In a recent TED Talk conducted in November of 2015, Oren Yakobovich talked about how his organization uses the latest in surveillance and hidden camera technology to uncover, verify and publicize many dangers and other human rights abuses all over the world. As a leading activist organization that operates with an eye toward social change, Yakobovich believes that this is incredibly important. The people who commit human rights abuses want to “sweep them under the rug,” hoping that they can carry on with these activities without anyone becoming aware.

Hidden cameras, on the other hand, stop that from happening. They do a lot more than just uncover the truth behind a situation – they help people in important positions collect valuable evidence so the existence of these situations cannot be refuted. Thanks to the power of the Internet, this footage can also be shared far and wide making sure that there is no corner of the Earth that someone with malicious intentions can run to. At least not anymore, that is.

Yakobovich discussed a woman named Mary from a village in Africa. He discussed how Mary was called into an intimidation meeting ahead of an upcoming election, but also how she was not afraid. On that particular day, Mary was carrying a hidden camera in her dress. She was using that camera to expose the ruling party’s intimidation tactics, protecting not only herself but her entire village in the process.

During the discussion, Yakobovich also talked about many other examples of groups that are using hidden cameras to uncover everything from political fraud to violence to horrific instances of abuse. The key thing to keep in mind is that without the rate at which hidden camera technology has continued to advance, none of that would be possible. These issues would continue to go on unnoticed, away from the eye of the public. Thanks to hidden cameras, it is now possible for a few passionate issues to turn ANY instance of secret danger around the world into the true global issue it was meant to be.

Videre is just one of the many examples of a group that is using hidden camera technology to help make the world a better place. There are certainly others. Thanks to how far hidden camera technology has come in just a few short years, the good news is that these advocacy champions and rights defenders aren’t going away anytime soon. While it’s true that hidden cameras do present a privacy issue (or at least trigger the discussion) for some, their full power is and will always be in situations like these. Hidden cameras help people speak out for the people who cannot do so themselves. They allow people to champion and protect the people who need it the most. For that, we can all be grateful.