Since hidden cameras and other types of surveillance equipment have both become more advanced and more affordable than ever, two unique things have happened – only one of which could have been predicted. People regularly use hidden cameras to do everything from protect their homes while they’re away to record traffic accident footage that can then be used to their benefit in a court of law. At the same time, prank shows from around the world of seized hold of this technological revolution to their advantage – as one show in Brazil recently proved.

Elevator Prank

Programa Silvio Santos

“Programa Silvio Santos,” a variety show based out of Brazil and airing in that country on a regular basis, has long been known for its elaborate hidden camera pranks. If you’re familiar with viral videos like “Pig Grinder” or “Magnetic Soup,” you’re aware of the content being generated by these mischievous performers whether you realized it or not.

Recently, however, the show runners at “Programa Silvio Santos” seemed ready and willing to up the ante – much to our delight and the terror of some unsuspecting victims. Though the show’s hidden camera pranks have always been lighthearted in nature, this latest – dubbed “Ghost in the Elevator” is anything but.

If you’re a horror film fan, you’re no doubt familiar with the trope of “the scary little kid.” It’s something that has been commonplace in both American and Japanese horror in particular since Stanley Kubrick tore apart the genre and built it back up again with “The Shining.” It’s also something that some unaware victims got to experience up close and personal.

“Ghost in the Elevator” begins fairly normally, with people getting onto an elevator and hitting a “floor” button – something they’ve probably done hundreds if not thousands of times before in their lives. Soon, however, things take a turn.

The elevator stops – a malfunction, perhaps? These things happen. Then, the lights begin to flicker. An electrical surge? Maybe it’s related to the elevator stopping. None of this is exactly out of the ordinary and maintenance workers will probably be along to fix the issue shortly.

Then, however, a little girl appears OUT OF NOWHERE. In reality, she’s a performer who appears out of a trap door built into the side of the elevator for this specific purpose, but our would-be horror movie victims don’t know this yet. She appears silently in one corner of the room, as if she were conjured there, clutching a doll and looking precisely like something out of the famous Japanese horror film “The Ring.”

About three seconds later, it finally hits these people that they are literally standing in the first act of every horror movie they’ve ever seen and they react accordingly. If you’ve always watched these movies and thought beyond the shadow of a doubt that you’d be able to keep it together were you to ever find yourself in a similar situation, you may want to watch this YouTube video and think again.

To be fair to the victims, the staff at “Programa Silvio Santos” really do go all out. What makes the video extra creepy is that this is ostensibly supposed to be a comedy show, meaning that the most terrifying moment of these people’s lives is played out under a laugh track that sounds like something out of old “I Love Lucy” episodes. The juxtaposition alone is enough to take this out of the realm of simple variety show and into the arena of terrifying performance art.

Yet none of this would be possible without the types of high quality, cost effective and covert hidden cameras that have quickly become the new norm throughout our daily lives. If this is the type of thing that “Programa Silvio Santos” is cooking up, we can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future.

Or, on second thought, we can. We definitely, definitely can wait.