There is no worse feeling for an animal lover than looking around your home and suddenly realizing that your furry little friend is nowhere to be found. Cats, in particular, tend to wander, and even though they likely just want to get outside and experience the best that Mother Nature has to offer, it’s still a harrowing experience for their owners.

Dog Tracking

Instead of worrying yourself sick, printing up “missing” posters, and offering a reward to a potential good Samaritan, you can go a long way towards making sure that you don’t find yourself in this situation ever again by using GPS devices to track your lost animals. There are a few key devices that are built with pets in mind that you’re absolutely going to want to know about.

PetTronix RoamEO

The PetTronix RoamEO features a rubber collar with a built-in GPS unit and battery compartment. You attach it to your pet the same way you would any other collar, only this one is constantly communicating your pet’s location to an associated handset at all times. It doesn’t require cell phone service or any other type of subscription. If you’re curious about where your pet is, all you have to do is turn on the handset and the RoamEO will take care of the rest.

The range on the RoamEO is roughly half a mile and it features a 24-hour battery life.


Tagg Pet Tracker

Unlike the RoamEO, the Tagg Pet Tracker is a separate device that actually clips to your dog or cat’s existing collar. Once activated, it connects to a cellular network and allows you to instantly track your pet’s location from either a smartphone app or from any Web browser.

Thanks to the fact that it uses cellular service for GPS, the range is unlimited – your pet could somehow wander halfway across the country, and you would still be able to track their every move down to a range of just a few feet. The only potential downside is that the device’s “minimum zone” is roughly four acres in size, so it isn’t necessarily the best option if you’re just trying to keep an eye on your pet around the house.


The Gibi Pet Locator

Another worthy addition to the list is the Gibi Pet Locator, a highly durable and waterproof device with a number of sophisticated features. It’s another GPS tracker that uses a cellular data network, allowing you to track your pet using a smartphone app, your Web browser, your mobile device and more. One of the more valuable features that the Gibi Pet Locator brings to the table involves letting you create pre-determined “safe zones” for your pet.

Based on your preferences and your pet’s habits, you can specify where your animal usually plays. If they ever wander outside of the boundaries of those safe zones, you can be instantly alerted – making sure that precious time is always on your side when it comes to locating a missing animal. The Gibi Pet Locator is also natively compatible with Google Maps and can be attached to any existing collar that you have.


Tractive GPS Tracker

Finally, we have the Tractive GPS Tracker, a real-time GPS tracker designed for animals that weigh 10 pounds or more. It comes with a battery life of between two and four days, making it perfect for long-term use. You can use the device to instantly get accurate GPS coordinates for your pet from the associated Android or iOS apps or right from your Web browser.

The only potential downside is that the Tractive GPS Tracker currently requires a $9.95 monthly subscription outside of the original purchase price. As it does allow you to instantly find the current location of your pet at any time of day or night, that investment may be more than worth it depending on your preferences.