To say that the use of wearable technology has exploded in recent years is something of an understatement. According to one study, the market for wearable devices hit $2 billion in 2015 and is expected to grow to over $4 billion by 2017. Growth in the entire market is expected to increase by roughly 35% by as soon as 2019, thanks largely to the versatility of the technology.


Though you may think of wearables as only fitness trackers, they actually have a host of other unique applications that stand to benefit nearly every aspect of our lives. Employees who are given wearable devices to use at work not only report an 8.5% increase in productivity, but an overall 3.5% increase in job satisfaction. Many parents around the country have also recently begun to turn to wearable devices as a way to keep track of their children, generating peace of mind you just can’t put a price on.

Wearable GPS Tracking for Kids

GPS tracking is certainly nothing new, but it isn’t just for turn-by-turn directions any longer. One company has recently released a GPS-equipped wristband (which is also available in an ankle bracelet variety) that allows parents to check in on their children at all times, making sure that they’re not getting into any trouble.

Dubbed the Kidsport GPS, the device is both colorful and waterproof – perfect for younger children, in particular. The device also comes with a number of emergency features like a “panic” button that kids can quickly press to send a warning in the event of an abduction.

Should the wireless connection of the device be severed in any way, or the device itself removed without permission, an alert is instantly pushed to the parent’s smartphone or tablet so that they have actionable information as quickly as possible.

Not only is this a wise investment for safety conscious parents, but the wearable nature of the device itself also makes it perfect for long-term applications. Parents can give their children a fun, colorful device to wear without having to worry about it being lost, or without trying to convince a child that it’s a good idea to carry a particular piece of technology around with them at all times.

Because they’re targeted at younger users, they’re also a perfect solution for parents who want more visibility into their child’s activities but who may not want to take the step of buying that child a smartphone quite yet. Kids get a fun device to play with, and parents always know what their children are up to with the press of a button – it’s a situation where everyone wins.

The Future of GPS Tracking and Wearable Technology

Though the Kidsport GPS is certainly one of the most notable wearable trackers for kids, it is far from the only option available on the market today. Many companies – with LG being just one example – are expected to release similar devices worldwide over the next year. The LG KizON, for example, is a waterproof wristband that connects to 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi networks that can also run for an incredible 36 hours on a single charge.

What makes the LG KizON so notable is that it also doubles as a communication channel between a parent and their child. It features a unique “One Step Direct Call” button that, when pressed, automatically dials a parent’s cell phone. A microphone built into the device essentially lets that child use it like a phone, and it can even be activated by the parent if they find that they can’t reach their child for whatever reason.

For parents, the safety of their little ones is – and will always be – a top priority. Though children do deserve a certain degree of freedom, there are some dangers that you will just never be able to protect them from no matter how hard you try. Options like wearable GPS trackers for kids go a long way toward keeping kids out of harm’s way at all times.