While it’s true that hidden camera technology has advanced to the point where it is easier than ever for someone to spy on you without your knowledge, they’re also capable of positive things, too. Such was the case with Steven Corthorn, an Indiana man who used a series of hidden cameras to carry out the most important responsibility that a father has: protecting his children.

In 2016, Corthorn grew concerned when he realized that bumps, bruises, cuts and other injuries were appearing on his children with seemingly no explanation to speak of. Kendra Beswick, Corthorn’s wife and the children’s mother, said that she had no idea what was going on. It was then that Corthorn decided to install a series of cameras inside Beswick’s apartment without her knowledge. After finally reviewing that footage, Corthorn received what was undoubtedly the shock of his life.

Steven Corthorn and the Case of the Hidden Cameras

To understand why hidden cameras played such an important role in getting to the bottom of these mysterious injuries, it’s important to shed light on the specifics of Corthorn and Beswick’s relationship. While Steven Corthorn worked all day, Kendra Beswick stayed at home with the kids. When the kids would get home from school, there would typically be a few hours each day where they were alone with Beswick while they all waited for Corthorn to return home from work. It was during this period that the mysterious injuries seemed to develop.

Even after installing the hidden cameras, Corthorn indicated that he didn’t suspect anything particularly nefarious until his suspicions grew in early November of 2016. He indicated that Beswick suddenly stopped texting him to tell him how the kids were doing, which immediately sent up a red flag. Beswick would ALWAYS check in a few times during the day to let him know what the kids were up to – the fact that she had suddenly stopped responding was concerning, to say the least.

Corthorn left work early, went home and reviewed the footage that the hidden cameras had been collecting up to that point. It was then that he discovered what Beswick had been up to while he was away.

Corthorn’s footage was crystal clear: Beswick had been abusing their children. After reviewing all footage that had been recorded that day, he then went back and looked at everything from the previous week. This abuse was NOT a lone incident – it was actually a very serious pattern that needed to be addressed at all costs.

Corthorn immediately decided to post his footage online. It went viral on social media channels, which is when it caught the attention of local police. Sergeant Jerry Goodin of the local police department said that there was “a big difference [between] spanking a child and beating a child. I think that anybody can watch this video and say that the mother went too far.”

Beswick was charged with two counts of battery on a child under the age of 14 at the time of the incident. Flash forward to today, and Corthorn is not only seeking a divorce, but is currently attempting to take full custody of his children. After reviewing his video he immediately retrieved them from their mother’s care, but he says that this is not far enough. He wants to make sure that his kids remain protected and injury-free, and that means limiting Beswick’s exposure to them on an ongoing basis.

Corthorn has also vowed to take a much more active approach to the health of his children moving forward. In a statement to local news outlets, he said “It is awful. I have cried many nights because I just felt like I couldn’t do anything for my children.” He also said that he hopes that the kids won’t remember this when they get older, as he doesn’t want this level of abuse to affect them on a long-term basis.