Thanks to the digital world that we’re now living in, our lives have gotten objectively better in a wide range of different ways. The smartphone – which officially debuted to the world with the release of Apple’s iPhone in 2007 – is more than just a way to make and receive calls. Employees can now be productive anywhere in the world with an Internet or cellular connection with the right app and a cloud-based solution at their side. Everything from ordering food to calling a taxi can now be done with just a few quick taps of your finger.

GPS Tracking and How One Simple Decision Could Save Your Company a Lot of Money

GPS technology – both in terms of standalone devices and the GPS chips inside cell phones – have come a long way in the last ten years, too. They’ve become much more than just a way to get turn-by-turn directions between any two points. Companies are using them to make everything from travel to deliveries more efficient than ever – and they’re saving huge amounts of money in the process at the exact same time.

Your Company and GPS: Unlocking the Keys to Savings Through the Digital World

One of the major ways that GPS technology has been saving companies a lot of money is also one of the most obvious – superior visibility into their operations. Whether you’re a larger logistics company or a small organization that handles your own deliveries doesn’t matter – the importance of being able to see exactly where a work vehicle is, where it’s been and where it’s going cannot be overstated enough.

Think about it from another perspective: if you can see the routes that your drivers are taking when driving for official business, you can instantly identify certain inefficiencies that can be eliminated to save on fuel and labor costs. GPS can also be a huge benefit when it comes to tracking a vehicle that has been stolen, potentially saving small businesses in particular thousands of dollars in insurance claims alone.

Another one of the major ways that GPS tracking can save your business a lot of money is that it can help you keep your customers informed. If you’re a business that makes deliveries of important items, you’re never more than a mouse click away from seeing exactly where those packages are at all times. When combined with something like a barcode system, you can send customers constant updates about your routes and estimated delivery times largely automatically.

Not only does this help keep customers on the same page, but it also goes a long way toward building the type of trust you need to be viewed as a reliable solutions provider in the long term.

GPS tracking also helps to keep track of your employees – something that even the most successful small businesses can use a little help with. If your employee is using a company vehicle for travel, you can see if they’re going where they’re supposed to or if they’re following the rules and other guidelines that you’ve laid out. If your employees are using the company car to run personal errands when they say they’re on their way to meet with a customer, you’ll know about it in seconds. You can then sit down and have a very serious conversation with that person about what needs to happen moving forward. Just knowing that they’re being monitored via GPS is also a great way to make sure that honest employees stay that way.

Along the same lines, GPS also helps you keep your employees as safe as possible as a business owner – something that is always one of your highest priorities and top responsibilities. If your employee is in the company car and gets into an accident or breaks down, you know exactly where to find him or her using the tracking system. Once you have more information about the exact situation that is unfolding, you can call a tow truck to have your employee taken care of or even help arrange for emergency assistance should it be needed. The possibilities are practically endless.