If you’re like any other average person, you probably lose your car keys about once per week. You can’t help it—you come home from a hard day at work, lay them down (wherever it was you laid them down), and go about your business. Flash forward to the next morning, and you’re in a mad rush to find them, so you can get on the road before highway traffic ruins yet another day.
Tracking Just About Anything With GPS

Maybe you misplace your wallet at the worst possible time.

Or, you can’t remember which floor on that 13-story parking garage you left your car on, …and the color-coded elevator system somehow only makes it harder, not easier, to find it. You don’t have the science to back it up, but you just know that trying to remember whether you parked on “teal” or “mauve” only makes things worse.

Thankfully, technology has evolved to the point where the answer to all these problems and more can be summed up in three beautiful little letters: GPS. Tracking chips and other devices can be implanted in or attached to just about anything these days, making the sudden panic of, “Oh no, where did I put my phone?” a thing of the past. If you really want to track just about anything with GPS in the modern era, there are a few key things to consider.

Track Your Kids in Real Time

One of the most popular types of GPS trackers out there today is designed to protect your most important investment of all: your children. GPS-enabled smart watches, watch bands, and even bracelets are all the rage these days, offering real-time location monitoring for kids (and essential peace of mind for parents).

Track Your Location with Fitness Bands

GPS-enabled fitness bands for adults do a lot more than just show how far you’ve been coming along on your jogging. According to one leading cyber-security firm, these types of devices are commonly used in courts of law to either prove or disprove certain timelines of events. Depending on the situation, they can be even used to establish a firm alibi in your defense!

Never Lose Your Luggage Again

Another popular type of GPS tracker involves wireless luggage tags. They operate similarly to regular luggage tags in that you write your name and address on a little slip of paper in case they get lost. In the event that they are lost, however, you can easily hop on the associated smartphone app to figure out exactly where they’ve “run off” to!

Track Pets When They Make Tracks

GPS pet trackers (along with their accompanying apps like Rover) are a perfect way to keep an eye on your furry little friends at all times—even when you’re not around. Not only are they a great way to keep a watchful eye on your pet when they’re out with a hired caregiver, but they can also alert you immediately if your pet wanders somewhere they don’t belong.

Contact Emergency Services

Some GPS trackers are even used to help keep you safe in the event the unexpected happens. With ROAR, for example, you can press a button on a small device that will alert your emergency contacts with your current location. Some can even call 911 on your behalf.

Leave Hotel Linens in Their Place

You know how people tend to steal things like face cloths, sheets, and other linens when they stay in hotels? Those days are long gone, as many hotels now use GPS-chip-embedded towels to ensure nobody leaves the grounds with their property.

Rest Easy Knowing Your Keys Are Never Truly Lost

Tile is a small, GPS-enabled device that clips onto your keyring—just like you would attach any other key or key chain. The only difference is this powerful little device lets you use your smartphone (and the Tile app) to always track your keys at the press of a button. It will even play a sound to help you find them between the couch cushions.

Be Sure Your Car Is Always Safe

Finally, many people use GPS-enabled devices to always keep a watchful eye over their car at all times. Think of it as similar in concept to LoJack, only instead of having to call a third-party provider to check on your car’s current location, you can do it all with the tap of a button right from your phone.