Many people still think about nanny cameras and hidden cameras in general as “spying tools” that let you peek into someone’s life and see what they’re up to when they think nobody else is around. In reality, they’re often used for something much more important: protection.
Mom Sets Up Hidden Camera and Catches Every Parent's Worst Nightmare on Film
Whether you’re trying to protect your home, your office or your children, hidden cameras are an invaluable tool in terms of keeping us safe and secure at all times. Unfortunately, this was one lesson a mother from the UK learned the hard way. She set up a hidden camera in her home to keep an eye on her nanny while she was at work. What she recorded was absolutely shocking in more ways than one.

Annemarie Theron’s Nanny Cam: What Happened

Up until recently, Annemarie Theron of the UK did what most parents do: She worked hard at a full-time job to support her family and left her nine-month-old daughter at home with a nanny during the day. No parent likes to leave their child, but certain sacrifices have to be made. Things went well for a while, until something curious happened: She began to notice bruises on her daughter’s neck, shoulders and under her feet when she would come home from work each day.

Kids – even young ones – have a tendency to get into trouble at the worst possible moment, so she didn’t want to immediately jump to conclusions. Maybe the bruises got there in an innocent way and there wasn’t something darker going on after all. A few days later, though, she decided she needed to be absolutely sure and Annemarie Theron set up a nanny cam in her home.

What she saw when she reviewed that footage was every parent’s worst nightmare.

After reviewing hours of seemingly innocent footage, she was shocked to see exactly what she feared – the family nanny was manhandling the baby and, at one point, even tossed her violently into her crib like a rag doll.

Annemarie was absolutely heartbroken – something she confirmed in an interview with Netwek24. She was understandably emotional while watching the footage, but she also immediately put the blame on herself. She couldn’t sleep, eat or drink for a few days afterward. She kept asking herself what she could have done to prevent this. How long has this been going on? What should she have done differently? How can this be stopped?

To that last point, Annemarie and her husband immediately contacted the local police department and turned over all the footage they had recorded. The nanny was arrested a few days later and appeared in court the following Monday on charges of child abuse, assault and even attempted murder given that the victim in question was so young.

The nanny was immediately denied bail by a judge – both due to the severity of her crimes and due to the age of the victim – and was due to remain in custody at least through the end of October.

In truth, there is probably very little that Annemarie could have done differently to avoid this type of situation in the first place. She had to work – her household needed two incomes to survive, as so many do in this day and age. She and her husband believed that they had done their due diligence choosing a nanny they could trust with their precious child. Unfortunately, it just turned out that in this particular case they happened to be wrong.

One thing that Annemarie should be celebrating, however, is her instincts – instead of just assuming she knew where the bruises came from, she took the active step of installing a hidden camera to get to the bottom of a terrible situation as quickly as possible. Now, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, her family doesn’t have to worry about this type of situation ever again.