There was an era not too long ago when dashcams were considered something of a novelty for drivers in the United States. If you happened to be among the few who knew someone who had a dashcam, you probably thought to yourself, “That person has way too much money on their hands. What could they possibly need to use that for?”
Why You Really Really Need a Dashcam in Your Car
Even as recently as a decade ago, people probably thought the same thing about GPS tracking devices — and now look where we are. You wouldn’t even consider leaving the home without a GPS, and in fact, you probably don’t have to, as one is already built into any smartphone or tablet you happen to have.
We’re quickly approaching the point where dashcams will be looked at in exactly the same light, due in no small part to the wide range of different benefits that only they can bring to the table. Make no mistake: if you haven’t already taken the step to invest in a dashcam for your own car, you’re going to want to seriously consider it for a number of reasons that are more than worth exploring.

Why you should buy a dashcam for your car
Perhaps the most obvious (and most important) reason why you should really think about buying a dashcam for your car has to do with what happens in the unfortunate event that you’re in an accident. Not only are many car insurance companies throughout Europe and the United States now accepting dashcam footage as evidence during the claims process, but a lot of companies are even taking it one step further and are offering discounts to drivers that use them.

From a certain perspective, this actually makes a lot of sense. Think about how often a car accident claim often boils down to a classic case of “he said/she said.” A lot of settlements are paid out as a result, even in situations where drivers were not at fault. If a car insurance company can use dashcam footage in a court of law to prove that its insured didn’t do anything wrong, in theory it will pay out less in claims overall moving forward. At that point, it’s only logical to pass some of those savings onto the customer.
One recent survey of Automobile Association members in the United States said that for this reason alone, over half of members were seriously considering buying a dashcam and about 15 percent of respondents already had at least one.

Another one of the reasons why you should seriously think about investing in a dashcam comes down to how it allows you to take a proactive approach in making our roads safer. Think about how often you see someone else on the road engaged in reckless behavior — whether it’s driving erratically, texting while driving or doing some other type of dangerous activity. If you’ve got crystal-clear, high-definition footage of this activity on a dashcam, it isn’t just easier to get a clear view of the license plate, it also makes reporting the crime to the proper authorities easier as well.
Likewise, dash cameras can be a great way to monitor the driving habits of young drivers in your household. If you really want to know whether or not your teen drivers are operating motor vehicles as safely and as securely as possible, you don’t even have to ask — just look at the footage and see what they’re up to. The type of peace of mind that this generates alone is more than worth the investment for a lot of parents out there.

We’re already living in an era where advanced, tech-centric features such as parallel parking assistance, backup cameras and other sensors are being included as standard features on many new vehicle models purchased in the United States. To that end, it’s only a matter of time before dashcams start to be included as standard features, too. They don’t just go a long way toward making our days a lot more convenient; they also do their part to help make them safer, too, which is ultimately the most important benefit of all.