When people purchase dash cams and other types of recording devices for their cars, most of the time they do so for fairly straightforward reasons. Sometimes they want to take an extra step to protect themselves in the event that they’re ever in a car accident. Other times they’re amateur photographers who just want to see the types of stunning footage they can record as they travel the roads across the country. As a result, 99.9% of the time the footage they record is equally straightforward… and quickly deleted.

Horrific Florida Shootout Caught on Dash Cam

But then, there’s that 0.1% of the time that you capture something so stunning you can barely even believe that you were a witness to such events until you play the footage back when you get home. Such was the case with one Florida driver, who recently captured a harrowing shootout at a local intersection all from the front seat of their car. This particular driver has the dash cam footage necessary to back up the story for all time.

The Florida Shootout: What Happened

Recently, a driver stopped at an intersection in north Florida – the same thing they had done probably thousands of times before and would likely do again in the future. However, when an incredible (and dangerous) shootout broke out right in front of their car, the driver was absolutely thankful that they had a dash cam up and running.

The video begins innocently enough, with the dash cam driver pulling up to a red light and stopping. The witness is stopped behind a pickup truck, which itself is flanked by a silver Lexus and a gold Toyota on either side.

Soon, a suspect seated in the silver Lexus begins firing several rounds from a handgun, across the pickup truck and at the driver of the gold Toyota on the other side. The passenger in the Toyota soon jumps out of the car and fires off a few rounds of his own, before fleeing as quickly as humanly possible.

The driver of the Toyota was a 31-year-old man named Jeremy Olds, who was promptly arrested after the incident as the result of a foot chase with local officers. The driver of the Lexus has been identified as a 30-year-old man named Jonathan James Harris, although he has yet to be arrested. Officers are still searching for more information about his present location.

It’s important to note that investigators have said that they believe the shooting to be entirely drug related, so north Florida residents don’t necessarily have to worry about random shootouts breaking out on the streets in their neighborhoods.

The driver of the car with the dash cam footage quickly turned said footage over to the local police, who continued to analyze it in an attempt to make sense of exactly what happened.

Thankfully, nobody was injured in the shootout – not the two men engaged in warfare with one another in a Florida suburb, nor the driver of the pickup truck, nor the driver with the dash cam footage. There were two children in the Toyota at the time of the shooting, however – ages 2 and 8, respectively. They were also not injured, which is shocking considering the footage itself.

In the end, this should serve as a lesson to us all. Even if you assume that the vast majority of the footage that you record with your dash cam will be totally worthless, you still never know exactly what type of situation you might find yourself in. Sometimes you’ll record a stunning sunset that you didn’t realize was in front of you until you play back the footage later. Sometimes you’ll record the type of shootout that would be right at home in a Hollywood feature film. Both of these situations underline the fact that especially in the digital and mobile world that we’re now living in, a dash cam is more than worth the purchase for many people – especially if it can help lead to the arrest of criminals.