If you ever needed a reason to confirm why employee motivation should always be one of your top priorities, let the following statistics be your guide. According to one recent study, keeping your employees motivated actually keeps them more connected with your organization as a whole—something that brings with it a number of different benefits that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

GPS Tracking

Not only are motivated and happy employees more productive than the average employee, but they’re also more likely to work longer hours, the quality of their work improves, and motivation actually makes it easier to retain those employees for the long haul. But understanding the importance of employee motivation is one thing. Actually keeping those employees motivated is often something else entirely. Interestingly, a variety of businesses are using GPS tracking technology to do exactly that. In fact, GPS tracking is a very powerful tool for organizations in almost every industry you can think of for a host of unique reasons that are more than worth exploring.

The Motivation Benefits of GPS Tracking

Many of the benefits that GPS tracking brings to the table in terms of employee motivation can be summed up in a single word: visibility. Let’s say you’re the manager of a large fleet of vehicles, and at any given moment, you have dozens or even hundreds of different employees in the field. In the past, you’ve thought to yourself, “So long as the work is getting done I really have nothing to complain about.” While that may be true, GPS tracking lets you go one step further.

By installing GPS tracking devices on all of your company vehicles, you can suddenly see where all employees are at any given moment. If you have one driver who has been historically prone to late or even missed deliveries, you can see why. If you’re trying to cut down on your fuel costs, you can see the precise routes that drivers are taking and make a note of all the most inefficient ones for later correction.

Are your drivers making any unnecessary stops? Are they practicing safe driving skills? Are they causing damage to your reputation, which ultimately translates to lost customers and lost revenue? Suddenly, you’re in a position to find out all of this with just a few quick mouse clicks.

But where GPS tracking truly benefits you in terms of motivating your workforce has nothing to do with “catching someone in the act.” It’s not about getting anybody in trouble—instead, it’s about rewarding the employees who are doing exactly what they’re supposed to.

GPS tracking technology deployed across your fleet can help pinpoint your best drivers—the ones that everyone else should aspire to be more like. You can see that they always make their deliveries on time and in full and, more importantly, you can see exactly why. You get immediate insight into the excellent habits they’ve developed, and you can not only reward these people but reward them in a way that all of your other drivers can see.

This, in turn, helps to generate both momentum and motivation on two different levels. Not only does the rewarded driver know that you see how hard they’re working and appreciate their contribution, but everyone can see what your “best-case scenario” looks like. They can see that you’re invested in their performance and that you want them to do better—and that there may be a prize waiting at the end of the tunnel if they do take steps for self improvement.

This creates the type of situation where everyone is willing to go a little further and work a little harder every day. Not because they’re afraid of getting in trouble, but because they themselves can see how important their contributions really are to you. This alone is the type of benefit that you just can’t put a price on, particularly when it comes to your continued success as an organization.