If someone is using a spy camera, a hidden microphone or some other type of device to monitor your every move, they’re probably not too concerned about breaking the law. You, however, always should be—especially if you’re trying to collect the type of evidence that you may one day need to present in a court of law.

Counter Surveillance Tools

With that in mind, what follows is a list of the nine most popular types of counter surveillance devices that you are LEGALLY allowed to use whenever you want.

1. A Wiretap Detector (For Your Phones)

Do you think that someone may be listening in on your calls? For a few hundred dollars (or less, in most cases) you can know for sure AND be legally in the clear at the exact same time! You can buy equipment that helps you detect taps on your phone, at the phone jack and even outside on the telephone pole!

2. Cell Phone Jammers

One of the major ways that people might be spying on you essentially involves turning your own cell phone against you. They compromise your phone, turning it into a recording device allowing them to listen in on all your calls. With a cell phone jammer, however, you can connect this wonderful little tool right to the mic on your phone and never have to worry about this again.

3. General Purpose Audio Jammers

Audio jammers basically generate enough white noise to be used as a masking sound that plays havoc with any microphones that may be hidden in the area. They can be used not only to help battle things like wiretapping devices but also hardwired microphones, RF transmitters and much, much more.

4. White Noise Devices

Speaking of white noise, it’s also possible for you to take things one step further and “ruin” audio recordings by using a dedicated white noise emitter. These function very similarly to audio jammers, but a dedicated device often has a much larger range (and thus offers a stronger level of protection). This would be a great way to battle someone who is not just recording your conversation, but who may be actively listening in at this very moment.

5. A Video Bug Detector

If you think that someone may be keeping an eye on you but you want to be totally sure, consider investing in a video bug detector. This can help you find hidden cameras concealed in teddy bears, desk clocks, smoke detectors and all sorts of other everyday items that you probably wouldn’t give much thought to.

6. Camera Finders

A dedicated camera finder will take things one step further, allowing you to locate the precise location of any camera that may be hidden in the room. These are especially helpful when you’re trying to locate cameras that may be far away from your current location, or ones that may be transmitting wirelessly without your knowledge.

7. A GPS Monitor Detector

If you think that someone may be using a sophisticated GPS device to track your every move, you can use technology to turn the tables right back on them. Many of these devices are powerful enough to find a GPS tracking device even when it’s turned off, so someone won’t be able to see exactly where you are or where you’re going for very long.

8. Sophisticated Bug Detectors

Because microphones can be hidden in nearly any environment effortlessly, they’re very difficult to see with the naked eye. With a bug detector, on the other hand, this isn’t something you have to worry about. These devices can help find microphones, wiretaps, audio bugs and more—all by analyzing the room to identify any electronic devices that may be transmitting audio over an RF signal.

9. You Can Always Call in the Professionals

Finally and most importantly, if you really think you’re being spied on you can always enlist the help of counter surveillance professionals in your area. They have access to the type of equipment that you, as a consumer, probably wouldn’t—meaning they’ll be able to do a far more thorough job than you ever could on your own.