Although the technology itself has long since evolved beyond its original application, a lot of people still think that “GPS” is synonymous with “that thing I used to get turn-by-turn directions to wherever I’m going so I don’t have to worry about getting lost.” Yes, a GPS is a great way to get you safely to that house of your aunt that you only visit once a year, but it’s also good for so much more—like vehicle tracking in a variety of scenarios.

GPS TrackingYour GPS can provide you with an invaluable level of information at any given moment, from your car’s current speed to its direction and your fuel level, your current location and so much more. If you have the type of GPS device that is “always on” no matter who is using the car, you can even use it to help locate your vehicle if it is lost… or worse, stolen. That’s right—it is absolutely possible to find a stolen car with little more than your GPS and a little bit of ingenuity. You’ll just have to keep a few key things in mind.

Choosing the Right Option

Having said all that, it’s important for you to understand that not all GPS devices are created equally. If you have one of those portable units that you attach to a suction cup on your dashboard, it probably isn’t going to be that much use to recover a stolen vehicle. Even if it includes the features you need, it’s so obvious that thieves will probably remove it in an instant.

What you need is a GPS device that is expressly built to track your car, which narrows down your options regarding which product you should actually buy for that purpose. One of those is called the CarLock Anti-Theft Device which, as the name suggests, is designed to both prevent theft and be as reliable as possible in the sad event that one occurs.

The major benefit of this is that it is hardwired into the electrical system of your car, which means that it is very difficult for someone to remove if they’re trying to get in, steal the vehicle and get out as fast as possible. But the device itself actually has a number of features that are ideal in this situation, like the fact that it is always connected to the Internet and that it has a number of alert-based features designed to help you act at a moment’s notice.

If someone tries to move your car, you’ll get an alert about it. If someone starts your car, you’ll get an alert about it. If you want to know exactly where your car is at any minute of any day, you can just log into the app on your smartphone and see. Based on all of the information that you’ll have been able to obtain, you can then inform the police and let the professionals take care of the matter.

The CarLock Anti-Theft Device is one example of this type of GPS solution, but it is hardly the only one. A similar product is called the MotoSafety OBD Teen Driving Coach & Vehicle Monitoring device. As you can probably tell by the name, not only is this a helpful tool when your car gets stolen, but it’s also a great way to give your teen independence behind the wheel while still monitor their driving habit.

The most important thing to remember about all of this is, as stated, you can find your stolen car with a GPS device like these—but you shouldn’t attempt to recover it on your own. Doing so would be incredibly dangerous and that is not a situation that you want to find yourself in. This is a critical enough point to where it should absolutely be repeated: Once you find your stolen car, turn everything over to the proper authorities and let them go to work. That’s literally what they’re there for.