When people think about hidden cameras, they normally call to mind images of the classic “nanny cam” — that is, a camera hidden inside a friendly looking teddy bear. But the fact is that cameras can be hidden inside just about every normal item you can think of. What follows is a list of some of the most common hidden camera devices available on the market today. How many do you think YOU would be able to spot as soon as you walked into a room?

Hidden Camera

1. The Coffee Maker

At first glance, you take a look around someone’s kitchen and see a standard coffee maker. Maybe you’re even getting ready to have a nice, hot cup of Joe to start your day. It’s such an ordinary item that it practically disappears into its environment… which makes it the perfect place to hide a camera if you really want to go undetected. Would YOU be able to spot it?

2. Inside the Flowers

Floral arrangements and displays look great just about everywhere… which is part of what makes the Fern Wi-Fi HD Hidden Camera so powerful. Available from companies like Brickhouse Security, you might be enjoying the flowers while someone else is watching YOUR every move!

3. Landscape Rocks

If someone has a bed of rocks outside their front door, you may suspect that a spare house key is hidden inside one. But would you suspect that a small Wi-Fi camera is hidden inside? If you said “no,” you’re wrong — many companies make hidden cameras for precisely these environments.

4. Eyeglasses Cameras

If one of your friends suddenly got a fancy new pair of glasses, would you think twice about it? Probably not — which is why they’re such a perfect location for a hidden camera. Eyeglass cameras are available that shoot in full HD resolution and can even hit speeds of 30 frames per second!

5. The Necktie Camera

People wear neckties all the time… but what you might not realize is that some ties are carrying a secret hidden inside. Many providers make what are essentially wearable spy cams, which include video cameras hidden in the tie itself!

6. The Water Bottle Camera

If someone brought a bottle of water to your next big meeting, would you even consider the fact that a camera might be hidden inside? You absolutely should, because that just might be the situation you’re dealing with! They look so much like a regular water bottle that you would probably NEVER think that it was also a hidden camera if someone didn’t tell you!

7. The Coat Hook Camera

You know those spare coat hooks that you can buy in the “Home” section of just about every department store? The little plastic ones that you can quickly put up just about everywhere? Yeah, not only do those come with cameras hidden inside if you buy them from the right place, but many often include motion detecting capabilities too!

8. The Wall Clock Camera

The thing that makes wall clock cameras so frustrating for people being spied on is that you probably look at it CONSTANTLY without thinking that anything suspicious might be going on. Not only are there wall clock hidden cameras that shoot full HD video, but many even let someone watch video over a Wi-Fi connection too!

9. The Smoke Detector Camera

Smoke detectors are a ubiquitous part of our lives. They’re one of those things that you don’t really think about because you hope you never need to, which is why they’re such a perfect place for a hidden camera. But these days, smoke detector cameras come in just about every variation that you can think of — including ones that shoot full HD, ones with expandable memory card slots and much, much more.

10. The Pen Camera

Finally, we have maybe the best example of “an oldie but a goodie”—the camera hidden inside the ballpoint pen. One moment, you’re looking at a standard pen—it even writes in blue or black ink. But with one click to the button on top, suddenly you’re staring down the barrel of a powerful hidden camera recording your every move!