There was an era not too long ago where people over a certain age probably remember when getting separated from your parent as a child was something of a rite of passage. One minute, you’re shopping with your mom in the middle of a crowded shopping mall, she turns her back for a second, and you’re gone. She rushes around and thankfully finds you — safe and sound, probably distracted by something overly bright and colorful. For the vast majority of all people, this isn’t really a big deal. Years later, it becomes a funny story to share over the dinner table at Thanksgiving. But at the same time, a lot of people aren’t so lucky.

the people who fall into that second group who stand to benefit the most from the advancemeIt’snts that modern technology have brought with them over the last few years. Case in point: One mom recently penned an essay for the website about the GPS tracker she recently purchased for her own child. Not only is she absolutely thrilled with the results she’s seen so far, she also made a pretty firm proclamation: she has no intentions of ever going back.

GPS Trackers For Children: Breaking Things Down

Immediately, the mother in question was very quick to point out that she doesn’t consider herself to be an overly concerned or sensitive parent. “Let me start by saying I am not a helicopter parent. My kids eat dirt, fall down, swing from things while yelling, eat too much sugar, and don’t always brush their teeth,” she writes.

When her kids went away to camp last year, she was looking for a way to maintain visibility into what her daughters were up to “without calling the counselors every 20 minutes like a crazy person.” She quickly found GPS tracking watches designed for kids their age and decided to act.

“The watches took a bit of practice,” she wrote. “We called each other. We talked about situations in which they should call me (you’re lost, or a stranger is trying to talk to you) and situations in which they shouldn’t (you left your best Pokémon card at home, and you want me to bring it to you).”

But after those initial “growing pains” were behind them, the results were pretty overwhelming pretty quickly. “I had my oldest daughter wear hers to school for a while, and it really was amazing,” said the mother of two. “I was able to tell her when I was going to be late picking her up. My friend even had me pass a message to my daughter’s best friend on her behalf.” Her youngest daughter even experienced a “close call” with getting lost one afternoon, but the GPS tracking devices quickly saved the day. At that point, the mother realized something that has been clear to so many others: There was never another option. “And now, I’m never going back,” she wrote, passionately and with enthusiasm. “Crowds, sleepovers, zoos, museums, malls, everything — they all look safer with a little watch on my kids’ tiny wrists. This mama is sold.”

In the end, the overall benefit for this particular mom was clear. As a parent who also works a full-time job, these GPS devices became about more than just the safety of her kids — though rest assured, that was a very critical factor that led to this decision. It also became a way for her to preserve her already fragile work/life balance. Every second that she didn’t have to spend worrying about where her kids were or what they might be getting into is a second she could devote to living her life the way that was best for everyone.

When you put it like that, it’s no wonder why GPS tracking devices for kids have become so popular over the last few years, and it’s clear that they will continue to rise in popularity over the next few years and beyond.