Over the last few years, GPS technology has been used for asset protection in a wide range of different ways. Warehouses all over the country use it to keep a better eye over their inventory, giving them constant and actionable information about which items are coming and going at any time. Fleets use them to keep watch over their vehicles, making sure that their drivers are using safe driving practices and more. Parents have even been using GPS tracking devices to protect their children, all while still allowing kids a greater level of independence that they seek.
GPS Tracking

That last point is particularly important, as what is more essential than the health and safety of your little ones? The answer is clear — nothing. If you’re interested in finding the best GPS tracking devices to protect your own kids, there are a few key things you’ll want to keep in mind.

The Features to Look For

If you’re looking for a GPS tracker with the specific purpose of protecting your kids, it stands to reason that you need to invest in a model that can stand up to whatever life — and your little ones — happen to throw at it. Based on this, a waterproof design is a must. Many high-quality units have this feature built-in already, but it isn’t necessarily a guarantee — which is why you want to always check the technical specifications to make sure it’s present before your kids have a chance to put it through the ringer.

Likewise, Wi-Fi support is always something that you should look for. Many GPS trackers use a constant cellular signal in order to pinpoint your child’s location, but added Wi-Fi functionality will help make that location activity even more accurate than it already is.

Finally, you’ll want to choose a GPS tracker that offers location-based alerts. You should be able to set up a geo-fence around your child, essentially. If they happen to leave a specific area like your home or your school, you should be able to get an immediate alert to let you know that something is going on, regardless of how innocent it may be.

The LG GizmoGadget

One of the best GPS trackers for kids on the market today takes the form of the LG GizmoGadget, a device that is both tough and lightweight and features that ever-important waterproof design that we already talked about. It’s very easy to set up and control, comes with a very cost effective monthly plan and even features touchscreen games and other activities to help entice your kids to actually wear it at all times.

The AngelSense GPS

Another prominent entry on this list is the AngelSense GPS, a unit that comes with some of the most robust tracking and monitoring features available on the market today. It comes with a very durable, rugged nylon sleeve that makes the device easy to attach to anything from your child’s clothing to their backpack. It offers constant monitoring via both GPS and Wi-Fi for accurate location information and even has a unique two-way calling feature that lets you talk to your child with just a quick press of a button.

The TruSense GPS Pendant

Last but not least, we have the TruSense GPS Pendant, which is both a small and lightweight device that is perfect for keeping a watchful eye on your kids and any elderly relatives that you might be worried about. Not only is the setup process wonderfully simple, but it also offers a sophisticated “SOS” button that lets your child call for help in seconds should they feel they need it. The only real downside to this particular model is that it doesn’t come with a native mobile app for your smartphone or tablet, but the manufacturers have said that they plan on adding one at a later date. Still, you can easily track your child’s whereabouts using any web browser on any Internet-connected device, so this isn’t necessarily what you would call a major sticking point to begin with.