One of the great things about modern technology is that advanced devices rarely live up to their full potential upon their initial release. Oftentimes, it takes years for people to realize all the incredible things they can do with seemingly simple devices. Cellphones, for example, originally started as exactly that — a way to make and receive calls and send the occasional picture message. Flash forward to today and they’re essentially portable content creation studios. They carry your entire music collection. They’re a portable computer that you can use anywhere. Feature films are even being shot with powerful smartphone cameras in 4K definition. Many of these are things that the device’s original pioneers probably never even dreamed of, yet here we are.
GPS Tracker

The same is true of GPS tracking devices, which were originally just a way to get turn-by-turn directions between any two points. After a relatively short period of time in technology terms, the potential of these devices has been cracked wide open — and transportation and logistics businesses in particular are reaping the benefits every day.

The power of GPS for your business

One of the most immediate benefits of GPS tracking for transportation and logistics businesses is also, for many organizations, among the most important. Simply installing these devices on every vehicle in your fleet brings with it a new era of optimized resources that most businesses have never seen.

If you’re relying on a few different transportation services to deliver products to customers, for example, you can get real-time and accurate information about where those products are at any given moment. If there’s a delay, you’ll know about it immediately — which means that your customers will know about it, too. You know why the delay occurred, so you can prevent it from happening in the future. You know when that delay will be over, so you can update the customer constantly.

Along the same lines, GPS tracking can bring with it an incredible new era of improved fleet management across the board. In the event that a change needs to be made to a particular route, or if a new stop has been added to a driver’s schedule, you’re in a position to notify them of this adjustment within minutes. You don’t even have to make a call. You can just push the information out to the driver’s device and the driver can take it from there. You can see exactly where all of your drivers are at any given time and where they’re headed, which can help make sure that everyone is moving in the right direction at all times — both literally and figuratively.

Finally, GPS tracking is invaluable in terms of enhancing both the performance and safety of your own drivers. If some of your drivers are prone to taking inefficient routes throughout the day, you don’t have to hope that they’ve taken your advice to correct this problem; you can see real-time data and know beyond the shadow of a doubt. If one driver is prone to speeding, swerving or other unsafe practices, you can take that person aside and explain why it’s a problem. You can invest in additional training if necessary, or take other corrective measures.

Not only will this help make sure that all drivers are operating as safely and as efficiently as they should be, but it will be a significant boost to your transportation and logistics business in other ways, too. If everyone is always taking the most efficient routes, you’re saving tremendously on fuel costs. This money can then be funneled back into other areas of your organization where it can do the most good, thus creating new opportunities for innovation and improvement in the future. All of this is possible thanks to a powerful little device that you can purchase for a few hundred dollars and install on one of your vehicles in just a couple of minutes. Truly, how incredible is that?