When you first become a parent, it’s almost shocking how your priorities in life quickly change. Things that you once thought were important are no longer your major concern, and nearly every decision you make ultimately comes back to one key factor: “Is this the absolute best thing that I can be doing for my child?” Nanny Camera

Often, this comes with a certain degree of give-and-take — sometimes you have to make concessions that you’re not totally comfortable with. The decision of whether or not to stay at home with the child or continue with your career is normally one of these factors. On the one hand, you obviously want to be able to care for your child 24 hours a day. On the other hand, that isn’t always possible — you have to work to provide for them, after all. At that point, you do what most parents do: You do a tremendous amount of research, hire a nanny and put faith in them that they’ll provide all the care that you can’t while you’re away.

The vast majority of the time, things work out just fine. But sometimes, unfortunately, that faith is not rewarded — which is something that one family in Taiwan recently learned.

The Babysitter and the Hidden Cam: What You Need to Know

Recently, one family from Taiwan knew that they were going to be away from home for a few hours so they hired a babysitter to look after their kids. Just to be on the safe side, they installed a hidden camera so that they’d always be able to check in on things to make sure everything was proceeding as normal. They didn’t notify the babysitter that the hidden camera was present, thinking that they didn’t need to. When they returned home and reviewed the footage, the parents were shocked by what they saw.

Among other things, the camera recorded the 26-year-old babysitter strongly patting the eight-month-old child’s chest while playing on her smartphone at the exact same time. The little girl had been crying for a long period of time and, short on patience, the babysitter was trying to “calm her” to get her to stop wailing with the pats. The footage also showed the babysitter pulling the little girl toward her, then immediately pushing her away with unnecessary force.

The sickened parents immediately snapped into action, reporting the babysitter to Changhua’s Department of Social Welfare. That babysitter could now face a significant fine of up to £7,300 for her actions. The parents said that they immediately confronted the nanny about their actions and even went as far as to allege abuse. The babysitter insisted that her actions were “normal,” and even had the gall to say “that was NOTHING.”

A local social welfare officer revealed that a case file had been opened on the babysitter and that she was currently being investigated for mistreatment. The truly scary thing is that the eight-month-old wasn’t the home’s only child — there were two other young kids present at the time.

There is no word yet on how the investigation will wrap up, but it’s clear that local officials are taking this very seriously. They should, too — as when you’re a parent, there is literally nothing more precious than the health and well-being of your child. Not only does this babysitter need to understand that what she did was wrong, but she also needs to be used as an example for other people out there who think the same kinds of things.

Parents shouldn’t have to install a nanny cam in their homes just to make sure that their kids aren’t being abused while they’re away. Sadly, they do — and often incidents like this reveal themselves. If nothing else, it should be a lesson to us all that we need to be very careful when it comes to who we do and do not let into our homes, and who we allow to care for our children in the future.