At this point, to say that Australia Post has been having a rough couple of months is probably a little bit of an understatement. Earlier this year, a woman in New South Wales caught an Australia Post driver urinating off her balcony. All the woman wanted was to get a package she had been waiting on and was immediately greeted by the last thing she expected to see. Not only that, but the driver then tried to hand over both the package and the pen without having the decency to wash his hands.Hidden Camera

This type of situation seems par for the course as far as Australia Post is concerned, but another recent incident seems to have taken things one step further. After a series of strange and poorly handled deliveries (that thankfully did not involve public urination), one Australian man named Geoff Crowe decided that he was done complaining to the company on Facebook. Instead, he planned to take matters into his own hands and install a hidden camera on his property to observe delivery drivers going about their normal routines. What he quickly discovered when reviewing the footage was certainly enough to raise an eyebrow or two.


The Case of Australia Post and the Hidden Camera: What You Need to Know

In the clip, a female delivery driver assumed to be from Australia Post is seen walking up Geoff Crowe’s driveway — no cause for alarm just yet. Then, the woman turns and heads back to her vehicle. That’s when things quickly take a turn for the strange.

The driver gets back in her car and attempts to leave the area, which just so happens to be a cul-de-sac. Almost instantly, she bumps her delivery vehicle into a trailer parked close to Crowe’s driveway. As the driver attempts to fix the situation, she runs into the trailer again — and almost immediately sends it careening downhill. She then gets out of her delivery vehicle and races over in an attempt to stop it from rolling away.

The problem is that when she got out of the delivery truck, she apparently didn’t put it in “park.” So all of a sudden, she has two out-of-control vehicles on her hands that she has to concern herself with. She manages to get the trailer back to its original spot, which is right when she sees her own truck start to roll towards her.

The delivery truck mounts the curb and almost hits the woman before coming very close to striking a pole. She then manages to get back in her delivery van and drive off… but the trailer that she originally hit is now blocking the homeowner’s driveway.

For a moment, think about things from Geoff Crowe’s perspective. He’d been having a hard time with Australia Post and one day comes home from work to find a peculiar trailer blocking his driveway. He goes inside and reviews his hidden camera footage and doesn’t find some innocent misunderstanding, but a dramatic comedy of errors that is now captured in high-definition detail for all to see.

Crowe immediately posted the video on Facebook and asked Australia Post for a response. The company didn’t get back to him (nor are they likely to), but the comments from his fellow neighbors sum the situation up perfectly: It’s a true comedy of errors in every sense of the term.

Whenever you set up a hidden camera around your home that will be operating all day and night, you can naturally expect to occasionally capture strange footage that makes you stop and think. What you probably don’t expect to see, however, is something out of a Marx Brothers movie — a comedy skit that on the surface is hilarious until you quickly realize it’s taking place 40 feet from where you now sit.
It’s hard to say whether Australia Post will be able to get their act together, but both their drivers and their managers probably hope they do sooner rather than later.