A lot has been written over the last few years about how hidden camera technology is slowly chipping away our right to privacy, day in and day out. While this is certainly true from one perspective, there’s another part of this discussion that most people aren’t having, namely, the ways in which hidden cameras often come to someone’s rescue more often than not.

Hidden Camera

It’s true — in fact, there are a wide range of different ways that are certainly worth exploring that hidden cameras help us protect ourselves, those around us and our valuable possessions. These opportunities are only going to increase in frequency as time goes on, too.

The Power of Investigative Journalism

Journalists essentially have one job and one job only: to report the cold, hard facts that people deserve to know. How they get those facts is certainly up for debate, but in the last few years, in particular, hidden cameras have played an invaluable role in that process.

If an investigative journalist is trying to catch someone committing a crime red-handed, for example, being armed with a powerful hidden camera is one way to do that. Likewise, a lot of journalists regularly use hidden cameras when conducting “in the field” exposés on various topics.

The biggest reason why these types of cameras play an important role in all of this has to do with the fact that they act as something of an omniscient narrator — a third-party observer who is totally free (for the most part) from opinion and bias. If you capture an action on camera, that action is available for everyone to see — and an audience can then use those facts to come to their own conclusions.

Burglaries, Shoplifting and More

Another major way that hidden cameras can legitimately help rescue people from various situations has to do with how they prevent burglaries, shoplifting and similar types of situations. The next time you walk into a retail store in your neighborhood, stop for a moment and glance up at the ceiling. All of those black domes that you see usually have hidden cameras contained inside, and while it’s true that they’re not quite as “hidden” as something like a nanny cam, they still play two important roles.

First, they give the people working at that store the ability to observe potential thieves without their knowledge — allowing them to get just as far as they need before they snap into action and prevent some kind of theft. Secondly, they also act as a powerful deterrent — they’re designed in part to “keep honest people honest,” as it were. If you walk into a store and are thinking of stealing something, but you know that there are an undetermined number of hidden cameras pointed right at you, the chances are high that you’re not going to go through with your original plan. Sometimes, preventing a problem is just as important as solving it, if not more so.

An Ode to Babysitting

Finally, hidden cameras play an invaluable role in allowing parents to provide for their children — even if that means leaving them in the care of a stranger while they’re at work all day long. Nanny cameras (hidden cameras concealed in everyday objects like teddy bears or smoke detectors) have long been a staple of households all over the country. But, these days, they’re getting even more powerful than ever.

You can get a hidden camera that fits inside nearly every item you can think of, from desk clocks to USB wall chargers and more. Even better is the fact that a lot of these devices now also stream live footage directly over the internet. If you want to check in on your child while you’re at work, you’re only a few quick mouse clicks away from doing so. The peace of mind alone that this brings to parents is often worth the investment for many people.