When you go on a multi-day cruise around the world, you usually do so in an effort to disconnect from reality as much as possible. Oftentimes, you just want to leave all your cares back home and see the globe in a safe, comforting and exciting new environment. Usually, this is exactly what happens… but sometimes, you’re not so lucky.

Hidden Camera Cruise Ship

One couple recently fell into the latter of those two categories in the worst possible way. After leaving from Alabama to set out to the Caribbean, they immediately found a hidden camera aimed right at the bed in their cabin… and their story only gets stranger from there.


The Case of the Hidden Camera on the Cruise Ship: What You Need to Know

Chris and Dana White were right in the middle of a three-day Carnival Fantasy cruise in October of 2017 when they started to feel like something might be amiss. They had been spending a little time in their room before dinner when they noticed a strange light coming from one of the walls. They originally thought nothing of it, but soon decided to investigate to be on the safe side. Minutes later, their worst fears were confirmed. This was no innocent light ― this was a light indicating that a hidden camera was not only recording, but that it was also pointed right at their bed.

They quickly complained to the ship’s management, and a staff member dismantled the camera itself. But sadly, this only served to raise more questions than it answered. In an interview on the United States version of “Inside Edition,” the couple explained their experience in great detail. They explained that what originally drew their attention to the area wasn’t necessarily the light, but the tangled mess of wires behind the television in their cabin. After taking a closer look at their surroundings, they confirmed what they hoped was not true. They said that they were struck not just by the fact that there was a camera in their room, but that it was plugged in and was actually recording during the moments when they found it.

“I just immediately felt like we had been invaded,” said Dana White. “Our privacy had been invaded.” Interestingly, the camera itself does not appear to have come from someone working on the ship. When a staff member came by the cabin to investigate, they also were taken aback by how cleverly the camera was concealed. It had been set up in a way that would attract attention from housekeeping professionals during the normal cleaning process. The camera also had an antenna on it, which all involved believed was used to transmit video to a third-party location.

At that point, there are really only two options that make sense. The first is that the camera was intentionally left behind by someone who had stayed in that room on a previous journey. The second is also the more harrowing of the two ― that it was quickly installed by someone who was on the cruise with the Whites at that particular moment.

Carnival officials, after examining the incident, say that the Whites never had anything to worry about because the device wasn’t properly connected to an electrical source. They even issued a statement confirming as such, which in part read “after review by the ship’s technicians, it was determined that the device was not connected to an electrical source and not capable of recording.”

That statement does little to explain the light, however, or the fact that the camera was warm to the touch. To their credit, Carnival quickly launched a full investigation with both the shipboard team and security personnel, who notified the FBI, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and law enforcement in Alabama when the ship returned to its home port.

Carnival says that this is a “unique and unusual occurrence” and does not reflect their standard operating procedure, nor is it something that other guests should have to worry about. However, it does serve as an invaluable reminder in the digital age: These days, if you feel as if someone might be watching you without your knowledge, the chances are high that you might be right.