Whenever you go online looking for a cheap place to stay for an incredible weekend with your friends, the last thing you should have to think about is whether or not someone is going to be spying on you. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to a bridal party from Auckland, New Zealand. They had booked an Airbnb home to get ready for the bride’s special day. What they soon discovered made sure that the day would be memorable … but not for any of the reasons the party had hoped.Hidden Camera

Hidden Camera Light Bulbs: Here’s What Happened

For those unfamiliar with the process, generally there is a wedding photographer present for the majority of a wedding day — at least as far as the bridal party is concerned. The photographer is there to take photos of everyone getting ready, capturing these wonderful moments for all time.

Auckland photographer Michael Kouk was doing precisely that when he heard what he later described as a “low level buzzing sound” coming from the home’s kitchen. After the sound didn’t go away, his curiosity got the better of him and he began to take a look around. That’s when he noticed a curious black dot on a light bulb in the room. He got up on a chair and removed the light bulb from the socket, which is when he discovered that it was an ordinary item holding an extraordinary secret. It doubled as a 360-degree spy camera with a 32 GB flash memory card already installed.

Kouk quickly reported his findings to the wedding party, who were all left totally shocked and angry. But what makes this story different from so many other “houseguests are horrified to learn they’re being spied on” events is that the owner of the home just so happened to be there when the discovery was made.Spy Camera

The owner had been in and out of the home all day long and, when confronted with the discovery, suddenly wanted the bridal party gone. They’d had a written agreement in place that the party could stay and get ready for the wedding until 2 p.m. Suddenly, after being shown evidence that something untoward had taken place, the owner wanted them gone an hour earlier. The bridal party quickly lodged a complaint with the local police department, and luckily, they were allowed to stay the extra hour.

Sadly, the group had been staying in the home for a few days prior to that, so there’s no telling what intimate moments were captured on that hidden camera. Local news reports out of New Zealand are spotty regarding what consequences the home’s owner faced as a result of these actions, if any at all. Still, it’s probably safe to say that his Airbnb rating took quite a significant hit once the bridal party had checked out.

The key thing to understand is that none of it would have happened had photographer Michael Kouk not picked up what he first assumed was a totally normal light bulb for a closer look. Indeed, hidden cameras are so sophisticated these days that they can be cleverly concealed in practically anything. Never make assumptions: That desk clock, teddy bear or USB phone charger may not be totally innocent. You truly never know what you might find upon further inspection.

Likewise, no matter how high someone’s Airbnb rating is or how amazing their photos look, always assume that you’re being watched. You easily could be. Don’t be afraid to walk into an Airbnb or even a hotel room and take a look around. Investigate strange noises. Think about where someone would have to hide a hidden camera to get the best view of locations like a bed or your desk.

Never let anybody tell you that you’re being paranoid when it comes to surveillance because these types of situations seem to be happening more and more frequently all the time. You can never be too careful when it comes to your own privacy, after all.