The fact that certain types of drivers have a tendency to totally ignore posted speed limits and drive at whatever speed they want to is certainly nothing new. However, most people are usually on their best behavior when the cops are around.Hidden Camera at School Zone

Applications like Waze and others do more than just provide turn-by-turn directions. They also let you know where police officers in your area where spotted so that you can curb your bad driving habits before you get into trouble. You’re driving along at 60 MPH in a 35 MPH zone, Waze gives you a warning that a cop is up ahead, and you slow down. Then, once you’re out of range, you speed back up again. This is the mentality that most people have as they go about their day.

But what if Waze never gave you that warning? What if you never knew the cops were paying attention to you at all? What would happen to your driving habits then? That’s precisely what happened near one school in Brisbane, which recently set up a hidden camera trap on its grounds. Not only did it prove that people are going to speed if they think that there are no consequences… but at this point, there may actually be MORE speeders than there are people following the rules of the road.

The Brisbane Hidden Camera

A school in Brisbane was dealing with something of a speeding problem recently, so local police officials finally decided that it was time to do something about it. They set up an innocent-looking trailer on school grounds — the kind that most people wouldn’t give two thoughts about as they passed by. Only this trailer had a secret — it had a sophisticated hidden camera system inside. The trailer was designed to target drivers between 7 AM and 9 AM, and then again between 2 PM and 4 PM. In other words, officials wanted to monitor driving habits during the hours when their school zone speed limit was being enforced. The trailer was positioned on the school grounds for two weeks and almost immediately, it began clocking speeders at a rate of about 20 an hour.

All told, the camera captured 974 different people completely ignoring the posted school zone speed limits. For the record, the highest speed captured during that time was about 69 KM/H. Over 50% of the incidents saw drivers race by at more than 10 KM/H over the posted speed limit. Naturally, people were upset about this — especially once they started getting tickets in the mail. Most of these trailers are set up on the street, where people can see them. This one was different in that it was set up inside the school grounds instead of on a public road.

A lot of the people who fell victim to the trap took to Facebook to slam the move as “pure revenue raising” with little else. However, these people really don’t have a proverbial leg to stand on when you consider A) they were driving through a school zone with specific speed limits for important reasons, and B) they ignored those posted speed limits in the first place.

The camera trailer was actually set up by the Queensland Police, who said that the school did not specifically come right out on request. However, the local police department did get permission before they set it up for those two weeks. Police say that the trailer was set up inside the school grounds after a risk assessment revealed that this location would cause it to be less of a road hazard. It would not impede traffic, and the camera system as designed met the operational requirements, including the need for a secure area.

Regardless of which side of that debate you come down on, one thing is for sure – nearly 1000 people learned the hard way that even when you think the police aren’t watching, you should still do the right thing and slow down in a school zone. These days, technology has its eye on you whether you like it or not.