Whenever we send our kids off to school, we’re placing a large amount of trust in their teachers to take care of them and do all the right things throughout the day. While the vast majority of teachers are good people who only want what is best for our children… sometimes that trust is unwarranted.Hidden Voice Recorder Audio

That’s exactly the lesson that one mother learned the hard way recently when she began investigating what she assumed was an innocent behavior change in her daughter. When she quickly discovered what was actually going on, she couldn’t have been more upset.

The Case of the Hidden Voice Recorder

A mother named Amber Pack recently became concerned when her eight-year-old daughter suddenly didn’t want to go to school — something that she’d previously loved doing up to that point. Sometimes kids have a hard time talking about the types of difficulties they face throughout the day, and that’s especially true when your child also has special needs.

In an attempt to get to the bottom of the situation, Amber hid a recording device in her daughter’s hair and sent her off to class. When the daughter returned home later that day, Amber was absolutely shocked at what she found.

One of the instructors at the school not only said “I oughta backhand you right in your teeth,” but she even went as far as to threaten the child with statements like “I’ll punch you in your face.” To make matters worse, this was clearly not an isolated incident. A completely separate instructor (though one who was overseeing the same classroom) mocked the girl for having to go to the bathroom, before finally saying, “How’s that for anxiety?” in a mocking fashion.

The audio continued as the instructors taunted the girl, calling her an “animal” and a “wench” and saying things like “I’m gonna pull your hair until you start crying.” Any parent would be horrified to hear these types of things, and Amber was no exception. The next day, she informed not only the school district but the local police department.

According to local news reports, Amber absolutely believes that this type of thing had been going on at school for a while. This just happened to be the first day she sent the hidden voice recorder off with her daughter, meaning that all other incidents went unproven. But if Amber was able to capture all of these threats in just one eight-hour recording, the chances are high she’s probably right.

Another mother in the class — Kasey Murphy — said that she wasn’t alerted to this situation at all. She, too, found this alarming as a parent. After Amber alerted the school district, there was a parent-teacher conference that few people were actually notified of. This doesn’t necessarily prove that the school’s principal was trying to cover up the situation… but it certainly doesn’t do him any favors.

The local prosecutor’s office reviewed the tape and said that no criminal wrongdoing had taken place, so the instructors would not actually face any consequences from a legal perspective. She was quick to note, however, that she was “not in any way condoning the verbal treatment of children by individuals in the classroom.” The two instructors were placed on administrative leave almost instantly after the allegations surfaced and, thankfully, one of them has since resigned.

If nothing else, this serves as an important reminder to always watch out for changes in behavior in your children — especially when the behaviors are sudden. If your child typically loves going to school but then doesn’t want to go at all, the chances are high that there is a very important reason why. You might not need to send that child to school with a hidden voice recorder in their hair, but it’s absolutely worth investigating. You should make every effort to find out what is going on in the lives of your kids. Amber Pack just turned to modern technology in order to do it.