As hidden camera technology continues to become more powerful and more affordable all the time, it’s becoming increasingly common to see them used in investigations taking place around the country. That’s exactly what happened in Michigan recently when a series of tips rolled in that clued officials in on the fact that the owner of a local beauty bar may have been offering services she shouldn’t have.
Beauty Bar Hidden Camera

Botox and the Beauty Bar: The Story So Far

Over the last few years, Botox has become incredibly popular with a large group of people because of the way it helps them instantly achieve and maintain a fresher, more “youthful” experience. According to one recent study, out of the 15.7 million minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that were performed in 2017, Botox was by far the most popular. More than 7.23 million were performed during that time, and that is one trend that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

But at the same time, strict laws have cropped up all over the country governing who is or is not allowed to inject Botox in patients, all in the name of the safety of the general public. Michigan is one such state, which is exactly how Lash Beauty Bar in Clinton Township recently found itself in trouble.

An organization called “Help Me Hank” in Metro Detroit recently received a series of tips about Botox injections being given out in the beauty bar, in what amounted to an unlicensed facility. After launching a hidden camera investigation, suspicions were confirmed: while the owner of the bar was licensed, many of her staff members were not. But that didn’t stop them from giving out injections to anyone who wanted them at nearly any time.

A lot of people don’t actually realize how dangerous Botox injections can be in the wrong hands. You’re talking about more than just drawing a syringe and injecting Botox into a patient. There are a huge amount of things that need to be very precisely looked after because so much can go wrong. Even the wrong placement can cause potentially long-term damage to a person’s body, which is why people need to be both trained and certified in order to give these injections. That, coupled with skill, are how people can get these injections and still remain as safe as possible.

The owner of the beauty bar, however, didn’t seem to care about these things one way or the other.
The owner of the beauty bar is a licensed esthetician with the state of Michigan, to her credit. However, an esthetician may not inject Botox alone unless it is also done under the supervision of a doctor, nurse or similar healthcare professional. During the hidden camera investigation, the owner was caught on tape claiming to be a nurse – this despite the fact that nobody with her name is registered in the state.

What, if anything, will happen to the owner of this beauty bar remains to be seen. Officials say that the investigation itself is still ongoing and the woman is still under questioning, meaning that they’re not going to comment on something that is still in progress.

If anything, the team at “Help Me Hank” hope that this serves as an important reminder that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. The woman was offering Botox injections for as little as $10 per shot – far under the current going rate in the state of Michigan. Likewise, people who are actually allowed to do this for a living don’t obtain training and certification once – both are updated on a regular basis so that officials can help better preserve public safety.

But had it not been for those powerful little hidden cameras, this situation likely would have remained out of the view of the public. It’s been exposed, and that is something residents in the area can no doubt be thankful for.