A lot of people still think about GPS tracking devices as powerful little items to make sure that they themselves don’t get lost when traveling between two locations. After all, even if you have an approximate idea of where you’re going, why wouldn’t you just take a few seconds to punch in an address and learn the fastest, most efficient route to your destination if the option were available to you?GPS Car Tracking

At the same time, that same GPS tracking technology is being used in communities around the country to make sure vehicles don’t get lost, either — meaning that even in the event that a car is stolen, the police still have actionable information to work from that they can use to recover it. That’s exactly what happened recently in San Juan when a 69-year-old man reported his car stolen at gunpoint from his driveway at about 1:50 a.m. by two men. Luckily for the man — and unluckily for the criminals — that car had a GPS tracker contained inside.

The Toyota Aqua and the GPS Tracking Device: The Story So Far

Immediately after returning inside, the 69-year-old man called the police to report his vehicle stolen. Dispatchers notified local law enforcement officials, who were quickly able to gain access to the vehicle thanks to its onboard GPS feed. A short time later, those police officers snapped into action. Initially, they were understandably cautious — after all, both men were armed with pistols when they announced the hold-up in the 69-year-old man’s driveway. They used the internet to track the location of the car until it came to a stop and remained in one location for a lengthy period of time.

Officers arrived at the scene and observed the car for a bit — but didn’t actually see anybody interacting with it. Soon, they realized it had been abandoned — at which point the car was seized and taken into complete custody. According to local news reports, the car was fully intact but would be thoroughly examined by crime scene investigators before being returned to the owner. As of right now, the suspects themselves have not been apprehended — whether or not the crime scene investigators will have something to say about that remains to be seen.

It’s difficult to say why the criminals abandoned a vehicle valued at about $86,000 so quickly. Maybe they were only looking for a quick joy ride and, once they got their fix, saw no use in keeping it around any longer. Perhaps they suspected that such an expensive car would likely have GPS tracking technology hidden somewhere inside — thus realizing that it was only a matter of time before the police came knocking at their door. Regardless of the reason, the car is back with its rightful owner — and at least for now, this story has a happy ending.

It’s important to note that you don’t need to own such an expensive vehicle to enjoy the benefits that GPS tracking technology brings to the table. In a lot of cases, you can get one of these powerful little devices yourself for just a few hundred dollars or less down at your local electronics store. If your car didn’t come with such technology built in at the time it was manufactured, you can buy aftermarket items that are either portable in nature or that are hardwired directly into the dashboard. Even the hardwired variants can be installed in a few minutes and will run off of your car’s electrical system — meaning that you don’t have to worry about charging any batteries.

Even going beyond safety and security implications, investing in GPS tracking technology is always a good idea. If you do so and then call your car insurance company to let them know about the purchase, for example, you’ll likely be given a sizable discount on your monthly insurance premiums as a result. From that perspective, the GPS tracker will likely pay for itself over time by way of the deep discounts you’ll get to enjoy because of it.