Thanks to the rapid pace at which technology continues to advance, traveling has never been more exciting in a variety of ways. Those memories that you make halfway around the world don’t have to live exclusively in your brain any longer. The smartphone that you’re likely carrying in your pocket right now can not only take the types of high-quality photos that will make people think you had a professional photographer following you around wherever you went, but you can also shoot stunning 4K resolution video as well. This means that every moment of your trip can be documented for all time — all while being effortlessly shared online with your friends and family members as.Hotel room hidden camera

However, as is true with most things, technology also has a somewhat scarier side to it, too. Hidden camera technology, for example, has also evolved tremendously — meaning that you could get a full HD spy camera concealed inside of nearly any type of object that you can think of right now for just a few hundred dollars or less. If you stay in an Airbnb or some other type of accommodation, your “host” could be watching your every move without you even knowing it.

But luckily, this is one situation that you DON’T have to take lying down. It is entirely possible to spot a hidden camera while you’re traveling — you just have to keep a few key things in mind.

Here’s How to Spot a Hidden Camera: Breaking Things Down

One of the most important ways to spot a hidden camera while you’re traveling actually involves the use of a small device that you can also purchase right on the Internet — a device that will quickly let you know if anybody is paying more attention to your activities than they should be.

The experts at Kaspersky Labs, for example, recommend that you take a small “bug finder” tool with you wherever you go. It will allow you to find any sources in a room that emit electromagnetic waves — something that most wireless hidden camera AND hidden audio recorder devices naturally do. Many of these tools also double as a lens finder — meaning that if you scan them around the room, you’ll be able to spot a hidden camera hidden in a wall that would more or less be invisible to the naked eye.

But in the event that you don’t actually want to make an additional purchase, there are still steps that you can take to make sure you stay protected and that your private moments while on vacation actually stay that way.

First, never leave any of your belongings — especially electronics equipment like tablets or laptop computers — alone in your room. Try to take all of your gear with you, even when you leave your hotel room.

Also, if any device that you own has a password protection feature, you should absolutely use it. Even in the event that your laptop is stolen, someone won’t be able to “bug” it or access any of the information contained on it unless they also had the password.

In terms of actually spotting hidden cameras, one thing you should get good at involves learning how to spot a two-way mirror. To do this, place one finger on the surface of the mirror and examine it closely. In a regular mirror, there should be a small gap between your finger and its reflection. If not gap is present, there could potentially be a two-way mirror in your room.

Finally, you should also rely on a bit of good, old-fashioned common sense. If someone wanted to spy on you in your hotel room, where would they have to place a camera in order to do that? Examine the area carefully and be especially mindful of any small holes in the walls, or any items that seem to be out of place. Some people may call it paranoid – but in the 21st century, you never can be too careful.